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Range Build Advice 👷


I’m building a small arms range at my sisters house. The idea is to stack piles of wood and then cover it in dirt. It will mostly only see pistol calibers and .22 with very occasional .223 rounds. Any ideas or suggestions? This range should not see heavy use so I’m not so much worried about mowing through the wood. Wood and dirt are my options at this location. Obviously the pics are a work in progress and it’s nowhere near complete.


Very nice!!

I would suggest that you fill in between each layer with dirt. This will give you a level area to stack the next layer. I would also change direction ever other layer. It should give you a more stable stack and might not have as many holes in between logs.

Just my 2 cents.


@smoke good call on the dirt between layers. I won’t be able to get out there until this wkend but I’ll keep posting progress updates


@Kona You will love having a convenient place to shoot. See the posts below for an inexpensive setup for hanging steel and other targets that will break down quickly leaving only the T-posts. Keep us posted on your progress.

I remember someone cautioning against using tires as a backstop but I do not remember the reasoning. I think wood with dirt fill should last a while.

I am not quite as constrained since my setup is on a 30 acre farm and all I have to worry about is shooting the neighbor’s prize bull. On the other hand, some people in a nearby subdivision recently complained to the Sheriff who came out, saw the setup and asked when he could come shoot. Friggin anti-gun NIMBYs!


:eye: mount my targets a little low…want to keep the ricochet angle safe…

So far no spall has hit me…:boom::boom::boom::v:

Lots of wood and just about anything is stacking up behind them.:grin:

All steel is AR500.

That pic was in the beginning!:shushing_face::grin:



@JoeFridaySays tires can ricochet lead. Wood can ricochet lead. I looked up wood backstops before I started and there was a lot of bad advice and naysaying. People talking about how 30-06 would destroy the backstop and other ridiculous claims like hot lead starting a wood fire. I’m not shooting anything even close to 30-06 and I think a fire from hot lead is a stretch too.


Yea I just read through some of Johns posts about proper range fill. For a commercial range sure, but for someone plinking small caliber a few times a year I think wood and dirt will be fine.


“On the Go” AR500 portable 5” auto-resets with adjustable spring tension.

With 22LR the tension springs are removed and you have to lift them back up.

Remove the stake and it can bolt to a horizontal wood cross piece.


When I saw the first two pictures I thought you were building a spider hole. :sunglasses:My opinion, for what its worth is it will be fine for smaller calibers. With enough dirt even rifle calibers should be OK unless you start pounding it with lots of rounds.


:eye:’m saving all spall to make bags to shove in me cannon…:scream::sunglasses::boom::boom:


@Kona i would do as smoke says but i would soak the dirt into mud as you do each layer it would bed the logs down better just like morter in between concrete blocks


@hunter1916 @Kona What about adding Landscape Mat or Cloth to the Mix for added Containment ?


@DivaMarie I threw a couple old tarps in there :man_shrugging:t2:


Here you go…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:


I layered dirt in between the rows of logs and it’s really coming together


@Kona Sweet buildup…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses::v:


Some more ideas on steel targets…and maybe good prices?:eyes::grin::boom::boom::boom:


Interesting to see this thread. Always fun to see what other are doing and especially to see that others ARE doing something! Static public ranges just seem so dry and boring. Keep up the good work guys.

Tomorrow I will be setting up the pistol sections of my new second range since all the pistol steel came in today. Still waiting on some of the rifle steel and all the rifle hangers. Should be here early next week. Need to pick up 25 T posts before the hardware store closes at noon. Tomorrow I’ll be driving them in. Waited to order targets until the ground was all the way thawed. Surveying has all been done, such as it is.

This range will be a bit different than my current one. This one is in the shape of a large U. It will be a run and gun 2 gun range, half a mile long from start to finish. I’m planning on 12 handgun spread out into three sections interspersed with 9 rifle over three sections.

This range I won’t be doing exact yardages like my other range. Some rifle will be 105-115 yards, some 130-150, some 170-195 and one at 300. Pistol will be all mixed up too but I’m not sure until tomorrow.

Targets for pistol are all 8" hex from MGM and rifle targets are a mix of diamond and square and circle 10" with one 18" that will double as a 300 and 500 yard gong, all from Hangfast. All are 3/8" AR 500. My current range uses Hangfast exclusively as I really like the ease of their hanger system, reactivity, longevity and of course cost. The MGM’s were such a good deal with the hangers that I couldn’t pass them up.

I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow afternoon and maybe a video later in summer once everything is running smoothly.


Spent the day sourcing more dirt and logs. Can’t wait to get after it :muscle:t2: