Random and/or Arbitrary Comments Thread🧵

well, imagine that…


Comes as no surprise whatsoever given that’s how Wikis work. Anyone can edit virtually anything without even registering as an editor.


which is why I always equated wiki with snopes-both are beyond useless!


now this is startin’ to get weird

all 3 of my pups just went off at the back sliding door (not that unusual this time of day as it’s about ‘deer thirty’)

but now there are TWO spotted fawns behind the house!

and of course, when I open the door to try and snap a pic, mama throws up that tail and all are gone in a flash

at least she seems to be teaching them well


My son continues his Pee-wee football career. Tonight during scrimmages coach decided to give him a shot at offense.

First he had him run the ball. Started off far right, ran across to the handoff and out the other side before going forward for a 59 yard TD. Nobody within 10 yards of him

The next play was a bomb. He did this.

Gotta hand it to the QB: he’s got a hell of an arm on him for being 11.



my father was a radio engineer for 27 years @ Atlanta police dept. so trust me-I was raised to respect and revere LEOs but the older I get the less I do-especially when I see stuff like this. I mean, they made this scumbag the chief of police when he had a standing FTA warrant out in another state! For 10 freaking YEARS!!!

be sure and watch to the end and then tell me the scumbag mayor and city council “didn’t know…”



I think I found part of the reason for the chip shortage…

Self-changing Transformers…27 chips driving 60 servos in toys!


Hulu is full woke. Nearly every commercial is pushing some queer alphabet drugs, a revamped bud light or some feminized ‘male’ roles or facist agenda.
Case in point, a HIV drug ad with this scene thrown in:

I thought i was imagining the words in yellow text. :exploding_head:



owned by pedo disney.


“Last stop before Heaven”…:innocent::wine_glass::v:


Had a hell of a time today finding some tires. Needed 2 front tires for my aunts 84 monte carlo with factory 14 inch steel mags. All the local stores including wally world said they no longer carry the size needed but they would be happy to order me some blah blah blah. Finally after some deep web searching i found some at a decent price at tirerack.com and theyll be at my door first of next week. Then i can take them to my preferred garage and have them mounted. The tire shops i spoke with said since all newer cars have factory big wheels there isnt a need for 14 and 15 inch tires anymore so there “special order” only.


Housing density study from an aerial view can you tell which side is Detroit and which side is the suburbs?


Can’t make this sh*t up…There’s a video showing this pack of dogs barking/howling at one another, don’t do X, couldn’t link to it. Proof Germany/Europe has truly gone to the dogs?

Hundreds of people who identify as dogs have met up in Berlin city centre but not all is as it seems.

The group communicated by barking and howling at each other.

Around 1,000 trans-species activists met up at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station in the German capital.

The group said they do not identify as human beings and instead wish to be recognised as pooches.

One local said: “Just abandon them in the Siberian tundra and let them survive with their canine instincts.”

Wilson commented: “I don’t see anyone smelling the tail of others.”

Jose wrote: “Can you imagine when they all have to defecate?”

Eduardo remarked: “Call animal control and give them their rabies doses.”

Ivan said: “But if they identify as dogs, why do they put on masks?

However, a community note on the now viral post suggested that it was something altogether different.

The note wrote: “This gathering occurred during Folsom Europe, which is a gathering of gay men who are into various fetishes. This particular fetish is called pup play, and these individuals, mostly young, are cosplaying. Most do not believe they are dogs but are wearing a fetish costume.”

The note also provides a link to SDLGBTN which offers an explainer on pup play.

In 2019, British man Tom Peters hit the headlines when he identified as a Dalmatian.

Trans-species people do not feel or identify as human beings, but instead as specific animals or mythological beings.

The most common creatures are dogs, cats, horses, birds, unicorns, dragons, elves, and even angels.


Like that Japanese guy who’s lifelong dream was to become a collie…dude spent around $15K for a costume and mask.


Awesome paint job on Taiwanese AH-64s…


All I got to say to that is Dear Lord, please bring on the Apocalypse-this planet is no longer worth saving…