M*CARBO Brotherhood

Raise your hand if you want a MCARBO Memorial Day Sale

Hey Chris…great job with your company and everything you have accomplished. I’m new to the forum and MCARBO. After taking some time to look through all the upgrades and the effort put into development…I have to say I hit paydirt finding this place. I can upgrade my AR, Sig 365XL, Keltec P-17, and even my Rossi RS22. Unbelievable. To top it all off I was exploring the PC Carbine market for the first time and ran across the Sub2000 which I never saw before and fell in love immediately. I found MCARBO by researching the Sub2000 and low and behold I find this upgraded M series version here. Unreal…how lucky can you get that some company recognized this cool rifle and went all in making it the best it could be. Cap that off with a a guy like Chris and his veteran workers and yeah…Im a fan…bigtime.

So Chris…how about getting me into a new M Series with a Memorial Day sale? By the way, I watched your video from 2 years ago on Memorial Day. You see so much garbage online, fakes, biased review youtube channels with their Amazon links and then…I watched that vid… Best shit I’ve watched on youtube since I can remember. Just totally behind this company now.

Thats it…just a new, excited persons rant…


Welcome to the Brotherhood Will. MCARBO makes some very good products.


Disappointing that they don’t have an independence day sale like almost everybody else huh?

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