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Rail Mounted Spare Magazine

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I have a new twist on an already great idea of using a Blackhawk CQC double stack mag hold to carry spare magazines. If someone has already done this I am unaware.

I took a UTG RS05S3 rail riser and cut the center out then replaced belt clip with the rail riser.

This gave me more options on where I could mount my spare mag.

One more thing: I inserted a setscrew under the tension spring so it would hold my mag tighter or you could use a piece dense foam rubber under the tension spring.


That is genius, :beer: cheers to that idea, I’m thinking this is a 1st that I’ve seen.


@Oldfart Cool mod for sure :metal: What muzzle break is that

Hey, Oldfart, nice setup, this caught my attention. I’m wondering where you sourced this part (Circled in red, picture below) and is it strong enough IYO with the 1 screw as a sling mount?


@Moosecall Looks like a D-ring found on the back of a picture frame.


DB TAC INC 1/2’'x28 TPI Thread Compact Competition Muzzle Brake For 9mm | eBay



## DB TAC INC 1/2’'x28 TPI Thread Compact Competition Muzzle Brake For 9mm | eBay

Muzzle Brake With Thread Converter Thread: 1/2"x28 TPI Thread. Aluminum Thread Converter :1/2"x28 TPI Thread To 5/8"x24 TPI Thread. Muzzle Brake With Thread Converter. Muzzle Brake. Without Thread Converter Thread:5/8"x24 TPI Thread.


Thanks for the positive feedback!

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Check out topic post “Sing and Mount Option”. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for the great feedback.

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Looks like a good hack


Fantastic modification! I have not seen this before, so you get full credit!

Happy New Year!

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That’s right I remember now.
When you pulled the bolt is it holding any internal parts that might move not allowing the bolt to go back cleanly without having to completely break apart to realign. Guessing I can refer to the parts schematic for the answer but though to ask as you have already pulled it.

I have not had any issues with bolt or internal functionality.

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I have 10 units being tested by other people. mine are side mounted left or right side. I don’t have time to attach pictures but I will in a couple days.! Here is one picture. [f8a4b6648c381de711356e926a4f4c292d62b4e0_2_602x500|602x500](upload://2iZbbL09dP0dyi3RZf8a4b6648c381de711356e926a4f4c292d62b4e0_2_602x500 bh0Tm7TVGz.jpeg) ,


Here is some more pictures of my mount.
I will be in production some time this year
after I receive the reports back from the testing.

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Looks like the answer for M-Lok applications.

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