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@Wedge not sure what a “hosting ability” is but @kona showed me how to upload to YouTube then paste here.

Probably not helpful. :confused:


That’s exactly what hosting is. You put your stuff in the cloud somewhere like Youtube (the host) and link to it. But, I don’t want to spend the time setting something like that up, figuring it out and then having to edit/convert video, etc. Call me lazy. LOL


@wedge if you have an iPhone it takes 2 seconds to upload to your YouTube and paste it here. No converting needed if you’re filming with your phone. :+1:t2:


For the price of one of those annoying gizmos I can buy another gun! :grin:


@Wedge question for you.

My wife got my son one of those simple drones that he can fly around the living room for xmas. (Scares the dogs and annoys me!)

Any recommendations on a good outside drone that would be an appropriate next step for a kid?



John, does he fly it line of sight or FPV with a set of goggles?


@Wedge just line of sight, in the living room, I have no idea what the other things you mentioned are? LOL

I just want him outside.

But we are on the coast so winds can be a factor, and it is Oregon so trees are everywhere.


@Johnksg Lost my Coffee on that One’:rofl: (I just want it to Leave!)
If you mention the Word “Drone” in my house’ the dog’s History’ In the back forty :fearful:
under the covers Shivering.


FPV = first person view. It’s like you’re actually riding on the model. The model has an on-board camera and you view the downlinked video through a set of goggles. :+1:


@Wedge that sounds really cool and really expensive! :open_mouth:


It doesn’t have to be. You can get a complete Tiny Whoop package for under $200 easily.


@Wedge that sound reasonable. Is it an outside flyer?


It can be if it’s not too windy. Pretty much just like everything else in R/C aviation. LOL


I need a HAM radio license for FPV? I just read that on a review for the Tiny Whoop…that can’t be right is it?

20-40 hours motor life? Hope they are cheap! :open_mouth:


Those little brushed motors are pretty cheap. And, yes, technically you need a HAM license for anything over like 5mW since you basically become a small TV station. Hardly anyone gets it, though. After all, who’s going to check? Nobody…


@Wedge my boy is a pretty good kid. He calls everyone sir or ma’am, and when I teach my clinics he brings his .22 or compound bow to practice.

But 6 hours is a long time for a seven year old and I was thinking one of our empty, berm enclosed bays, or even the parking lot would be perfect for these lil drone thingamajig s.

Thank you for the advice.



My sisters kids gave me this for Xmas. They could fly it like a pro doing spins and flips, I can barely see it in the air. Stuff like this flying around I usually take a fly swatter to.


Is there power at the range? If not, you’ll need a field charging solution because six hours equals a lot of batteries. I use a portable generator. :+1:


@Johnksg PULL !! :scream: I Myself Like You, Never Played Nintendo,Hands are too worn out to play with little Buttons and Levers,and then the Coordination Factor comes In.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Then we the Smart Phone Thing.