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Oh, I fully embrace the foamie revolution. We get beautiful scale models out of the box that I couldn’t build at three times the price. And, I was a pretty crappy builder, too. No way could I ever do a nice scale warbird. My limit was boxy high wing trainer kits that got a Monokote job with more wrinkles than Hillary’s face. :rofl:


This is a beautifully rendered giant scale Cessna 150. That’s a lot of airplane for only $400 that’s completely ready to go. Just need a TX and batteries. If it were built with old school methods, the wood alone would probably cost $400.


@wedge do you have a beginner model recommendation because I’d crash and destroy the big one fast! :joy:


@Wedge @Kona in my day it was the ugly stick! Build it in the morning crash it in the afternoon…rinse and repeat.

Actually a cool little stunt plane though.


Actually, that Cessna 150 is a pussy cat to fly. It’s the easiest to land plane ever. It just floats in with full flaps. But, the E-flite Apprentice S would be an excellent first trainer.


$269 :skull::skull::skull: when I think beginner I think something I’m not gonna have a heart attack breaking lol


That’s cheap for a complete airplane that can be in the air in under an hour with all the stabilization goodies. Back in the day, you’d get a box of wood for $200. Then you had to buy different types of glue, covering material, radio electronics (receiver, servos, etc) and an engine. A basic .40 sized four channel trainer would easily cost $500 or more back then and you had to spend weeks or months building it. That was the biggest time for me. It wasn’t the money involved/lost in a crash…it was the time… No gyro stabilization, SAFE modes, etc back then, either.


@Wedge I have not flown since 2004, have they figured out a way to keep someone else from crashing your frequency? Always hated when that happened! :angry::triumph:


Most definitely. Spread spectrum technology has been available for 10+ years now. No worrying about getting shot down, no having to wait for your frequency pin/flag at the club, etc. The stuff we have now is amazing. You just turn on your TX without worry. It scans the 2.4GHz bandwidth before transmitting anything and jumps on two clear frequencies. And, it’s frequency agile, too. It will constantly keep searching for clear frequencies and remember them. If one of your current freqs gets stomped, it will instantly switch to another clear one seamlessly. No worries like we had on the 72MHz stuff with getting “hit” from outside interference like some trucker with an illegal 10,000watt CB amplifier and keying it up on the interstate next to the field. Amazing tech.


@Wedge wow!

I have been “shot down” more than once by some fool who turns their radio on in the parking lot to check their battery.

Lost a 1/8 scale PT19 that way!


Yup, that was a real concern. Remember the PCM “dial a crash” radios where you could select any frequency right on the TX? People would forget what frequency they’d last selected and the only way they could find out was to turn it on…and immediately start transmitting on that freq… We even had one old coot a-hole in one of my clubs that had a decades old long feud with another club member buy one of those TXs. He’d sit in his truck and dial up whatever frequency his “enemy” was flying on and shoot him down.



What is it with old modelers and grudges? Yuma had two airstrips because guys would squabble and fight and sabotage each other.

No I don’t think I ever had a radio like that. Remember having a ton of crystals though so could chip whatever frequencies that were not pinned on tne board.


They were pretty expensive, so they weren’t all that common. I had a Futaba 9ZHPS radio that was about $1200 in 1990s money. And, those two guys had both been kicked out of the club more than once, but they were always allowed to re-join because they’d been members for decades. Like 30-40 years and one was a “plank owner” (original founding member) of the club. They were so bad that they had to park on opposite ends of the flight line from each other and weren’t even supposed to talk to each other. They were basically King of the Hill looking Flori-duh men in Dickies coveralls, aka onsies for seniors. :rofl:


@Wedge OMG you just described to a T the two old farts I was thinking of in AZ. They would scream obscenities at each other from across the pits.

One had a beautifully hand made Pitts biplane (no dihedral in the wing - fully acrobatic) 6’ wingspan.

Maiden flight takes two people to fly and trim was so twitchy.

Old boy walks up calm as you please and snaps his antenna off! :astonished:


I’d beat a mofo for doing that. Or, worse.


@Wedge police were called…but what do you do when two 80 year olds are going at it?

That was a gorgeous plane though. Guy had built it for airshow performances. All hand built of course.

RC guys are almost as crazy as the model railroaders.


The one guy who crashed the other guy’s planes at my club had some pretty serious charges against him. I PCS’d away and never found out if he actually went to trial. They had him on felony destruction of private property, reckless endangerment, assclownery on a government installation, misuse of public airwaves FCC violation, etc.


@Wedge I would hope so. Old guys can be crazy!

I remember that just the Saito engine in that Pitts was about $3K!

after that I started flying off the dirt field with my students.


@Wedge would enjoy seeing some of your flight videos someday. :grin::+1:


I wish I could upload videos directly here. I don’t have any other hosting abilities.