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Post about your favorite hobbies, Radio Control planes / cars /rockets


I used to do R/C ground vehicles, but I haven’t had one on a long time. I keep thinking about getting another offroader every once in a while, though. Maybe a crawler or something.


I’m an R/C nut. I love to fly airplanes, helis, FPV quads, weird VTOL things, etc.

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You want to see a cool rc toy look up v22 osprey rc plane it really takes off like helicopter then transitions to plane


I have an E-flight Convergence. It does the VTOL thing, too, and transitions to an airplane. It’s a bullet in flight. Fast, fun and scary to fly all at the same time. LOLefl11050_grande


I have not had an RC anything since I was young but I saw this and it brought back memories of being a kid and going to monster jams, just had to have one. TRA36034-1-11


I used to be big on nitro rc growing up. Had an RC 10GT from Team Associated and also HPI Nitro MT. The last one I had was a Team Losi LST 1/8 monster truck. Sold the LST long time ago, and never got one again. Thought about going back, but nitro gas isn’t really convenient. I’d rather get the 1/5 gas powered RC trucks with the weed wacker engine. Longer runs and less expensive than nitro methane. I’ll just be missing the high pitched F1 sounds compared to the lawn mower sounds. lol


I enjoyed tuning them high and low needles. I can probably do it again, but I’m sure new technologies are out and been so many years I’ve been out of the hobby. Been a while. I just miss tuning them when they were running rich or lean. Was a fun hobby, minus cleaning them up.


You need to look at modern lipo battery/brushless motor setups. Yeeeow!


It’s still here @wedge


This is one that needs a maiden flight badly if this winter would ever stop.


@Wedge is that an L39 Albatross?


No, it’s a Viperjet, which is a real kit plane.


@Wedge I saw the red stars and thought of that old Russian trainer that was so popular on the airshow circuit.


Yeah, it kinda does have the cold war Soviet vibe going on. The whole underside is splinter winter camo, which looks pretty cool.


This is the Czech L-39 Albatross in comparison.



@Wedge I always thought those were a cool plane. If I was one of those bored millionaire types it is the one I would buy. Can land and take off from a rough strip, rugged, and looks damn good! :grin::+1:


And, you can buy two of those ready-to-fly for what it would cost to get one Viperjet kit up and running. Oh, and that company is out of business, too. Lots of owners are pissed because they can’t get parts and not that many were sold, so there’s not much of an aftermarket.


@Wedge I remember when all of those RTF and ARF kits started hitting the market and the old guys moaning and pissing that it was the end of the hobby. :astonished:

I saved and laminated every blueprint of every airplane I ever built. Liked to frame them and put them in my shop. Lost them all on the last move though. :cry: