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Quoting posts in reply

I’ve replied to a few specific posts but don’t see the original post quoted though I do se it in some other replies. How do you get the original post quoted? I feel quotes are important to keep the context in place.


highlight it 32132132


Highlight the text in the post you want to quote, a grey box with the text “Quote” will appear above it, click that and it will start a new message with the quoted text. You can also add quoted text to a reply you’ve already started by doing the same thing, find the post with the text you want to quote while in the editor…blah, blah, woof, woof. Just be careful where your cursor is with the latter, that’s where the quote will be inserted in your message.


Ah that does it. This is very different forum software than the other systems I’ve used over the years. Thank you!


Indeed, it was foreign to me when I first posted here but think I actually like it a bit better than the older style forums now that I’ve used it for awhile.

…and you’re welcome, that’s the special part of this particular forum, people are willing help you without lambasting you beforehand (if they help you at all elsewhere…). Shared knowledge is a beautiful thing. :slightly_smiling_face: