Quick release for optic

Hi All - Have a Gen2 S2K 40 cal using a Sig Romeo5 red dot with the M*Carbo optic mount. I received a Voodoo Enlarged Pistol Case as a gift, however the gun folded with the red dot on will not close. Closes just fine with out the optic on…very nice case if you are interested.

Thinking about getting a quick release mount for the red dot. It stores nicely in a zipered and velcro pocket on the outside of the case and enough room for the quick connect.

Anybody have recommendations for the quick connect? Or other ideas to soleve the problem?


Hi JTB, welcome to the forum and glad you asked!!

MCARBO has a flip mount. KEL TEC SUB-2000 Optic Mount by M*CARBO - Best SUB 2000 Red Dot Mount! for the S2K.
I dont know how it would fit your case.


Thanks Cico7! I do have the flip mount from MCARBO and love it! I am thinking of using a quick connect to attach my optic to the flip mount so my case will zip properly and hold the gun in place. It is a pain to attached and reattach the Romeo5 every time I shoot the S2K. Wife gave me the case…so have to use it…you know what I mean.


If you swap to a quick release, the optic can be installed on the forend pic rail quicker than the MCARBO mount.

The MCARBO mount is about speed. You give up the speed if you are removing and reinstalling the optic.

Light bulb … tell your wife the case is so awesome, you need to pick out a new shooter worthy of the cherished case.


Thanks Dred! Great point about installing the optic on the fore end. Love you thinking about getting another shooter worthy of the case!!!