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Questions concerning new s2k from Mcarbo

Hello everybody.
I ordered a new s2k from Mcarbo. I was just notified that it has shipped to the FFL dealer that I chose. I chose the multi mag frame option. If I understand correctly, the s2k will arrive with one magazine. If so, what is the default magazine release that Mcarbo will install. For example Smith and Wesson M & P mag. And does it matter if the mag is for compact or full size?
Im not very knowledgeable in these details.

Im just looking ahead to purchase more magazines. I just want to make sure I get the mags that match what Mcarbo is sending.

Thanks everyone , I would apreciate the help


The multimag version comes with different mag catch adapters, so you install which ever catch you need for the mags you will use.

I can not speak for which mag catch will be installed if any on your s2k (probably will need to install it yourself for whatever mags you have). Also same goes with what mag if any will be included.

A compact mag will not fit in a full size frame, but a full size mag will fit in a compact frame (usually) this also includes the glock version. So it is safe to assume a compact mag will not fit the multi mag s2k.

Hope this helped, I’m sure someone who bought a mcarbo version will chime in on what mag it comes with.


Easiest way to answer your question would be talk to mcarbo directly there allways great to deal with and have answered plenty questions i had. They can probably look up your order and tell you exactly whats what. I got my mcarbo sub2k the hard way by buying and adding all the parts myself. Wish they had the mcarbo edition back then. But then i might not have signed up on this great forum full of mostly great group of people full of knowledge.


“I got my mcarbo sub2k the hard way by buying and adding all the parts myself. Wish they had the mcarbo edition back then.”

No kidding. And, I even did it the hardest way possible. I started installing MCARBO parts before they had released the full shebang. I’d get mine all back together and 100% function/range tested and then they’d come out with yet another something I had to have. I took my S2K down and put it back together at least three times and still haven’t gotten everything installed. I have at least one more part (metal hammer bushing) to install. At this point, I’ll just wait until something breaks internally and/or it gets so disgustingly dirty that I have to clean it and install it then. Oh, well… At least I KNOW I can take this thing down to its elemental bits and correctly put it back together! :rofl: