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Question on 597

my 597 is not extracting caseings or bullets there staying in barrel which means i need a new ejector , as far as i can tell the extractor should grabthe rim of the round an pull it back and looking at the extractor theres no hook to catch the round so i take it its broken , i just want to get this confirmed before i buy a new one ,


Sounds right. Post a pic and the experts here can confirm.


Sounds worn down. What do the rims look like?
How many rounds on that gun?

Take a pic of the extractor hook.

Lots of threads on this…

Go with volquartzen if you can get one…


This is an OEM extractor, the pen is pointing to the hook. If yours is missing it will need replaced. I have this one in mine and it works flawlessly. Remington 597 Extractor


@Festus thanks for that and yes mines broken iv ordered one from germany cost about 25 of your dollars thats including postage i ordered new spring and plunger too might as well replace them at same time even if they dont need to be


Any idea how many rounds before it broke?

This reminds me…:eye: purchased a few of the Volquartzens to replace the Ruger ones in my 10/22’s.


@MountainHunter dont know for sure ive put about 700 through but dont know what previous owner did, i bought it 2nd hand through a deeler

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@hunter1916 Glad to help. Replacing the springs while you’re in there is a great idea. That fine little spring for the ejector is a pain, but it’s worth it to replace.