Question About Mossberg Shell Follower


Is the mag spring supposed to fit inside the rear of the stainless steel follower like the original follower?
Oh! And have you guys at M*Carbo thought about making a mag spring for Mossberg? The Wolf springs reduce capacity, and if I can have a primo spring without sacrificing a shell I’d jump all over it.


@Servo086 is it a “cupped” follower? If so then the answer is yes!

There are some milled aluminum variants that fit inside the spring as well.

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It’s MCarbo’s follower. OEM Mossberg is cupped, but I didnt see it specified for MCarbo’s.


its cupped. scroll to the right on the pic’s on MCARBOS website… better yet, back side pic.

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Ohh. I misunderstood what the term “cupped” meant.
Alright so the spring is supposed to insert into the back of the follower. I’m going to have to fiddle with the spring to get it to fit.

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whats the size difference?


I’ll post a pic tonight.

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I tried to capture it. The mag spring is the same diameter as the stainless follower, whereas the OEM follower slips over the spring with no issue.




Mine also appears to be thicker than the product image fwiw.


@Servo086 first thing I would do is to ensure the followers slides smoothly in the tube without the spring. If it does that I would insert the spring and see if you can load to capacity.

With game guns we often have to cut springs to length with all of our magazine extentions etc.

It should fit within the cup of the follower though. I am not sure I would try to force the spring inside the cup as it could bind in the tube!

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yep you dont want to change tension on the spring by bending it. causes uneven pressure.
Call MCARBO… one might have been a misscut. my 500 atp it slid on tight but fit.

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Thanks, I came to the same conclusion after posting the pics. I’ll reach out to them, and see if it’s supposed to act as a cupped follower, or not.
It’s possible they changed the product design.
I’ll update once I find out.


@Servo086 MCARBO stands behind their products…at the end of the day calling them is probably the best course of action!:+1:

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if I had it to measure, I swear that cup looks to be made for a 20 GA slightly smaller spring.

but whatever the issue Chris will make it good. He stands firmly behind all his work.:+1:

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That’s exactly what it looks like! Which is kind of funny since they don’t sell 20g followers…which they should.


I know, but untill i could lay calipers on it I swear thats what it looks like.

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Thanks M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD!!! I believe I just found my X-Mas present… And right on time to use my 20% discount before it is over @ChrisNelson.

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The mag spring needed to be twisted into the follower. Tight fit.

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