QD Sling Mount on Buttstock

Thought this might be of interest. I wanted a QD Sling mount on the butt stock of my SUB-2000. I used the Micro Flush QD Sling Mount from Impact Weapons Components (QD Flush Mount)
and some hardware from the hobby shop where I work.

It seems to be very solid. The stiffer plate on the backside is brass. It is a bit shiny in the photo because the paint is still wet. It dried to a matte finish.

I am pleased with the result.


Nice! Looks good.


Looks good.

I had the Performance Services setup on my .40. Was solid, but I just didn’t like the mount being that far back. For as light as the gun is, I prefer a one-point sling… and for that, going further up is beneficial (when gun is hanging by sling, muzzle is down by my ankles with a mount that far back).

I’m planning on the dual QD setup with my 9mm.


I wish I knew those were a 'thing" 6 months ago when I was fitting a sling to my “-7” (15-22). I would have 2 of them but removed by now - changed up the gun for a different “purpose” but damn good to have on hand :slight_smile:

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