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Q & A With M*CARBO Employee Tom


Look at:

(But think mlok, float and don’t worry 'bout twisty twisty)


( with mlok instead of Picatinny for weight savings)

plus most of:

(imagine this functionality bult into a lightweight, minimalist forend)

So, can you build it? <- yes, loading questions

Since I know you have the capability … my real question is how long till you get caught up on the hinge mounts and take the design back to R&D for enhancement? <- rhetorical.

And, I dunno how much of the old thread content you’ve consumed, but … it doesn’t take much effort to modify a commercial AR buffer tube to open the Sub 2k up to the entirety of AR Butstock options. The Sub Blaster Marvin is holding to the left is a rendering of my Sub which runs a MFT Minimalist. It’s detailed out here somewhere. I gave up my latch but I don’t miss it - she stays shut fine and I have one less fine motor skill to deploy her so she’s ready faster.


@Tom, Hi Tom, nice to see an MCARBO employee getting a chance to see the rest of the “hood.” Before Christmas I sent Tom some parts for ideas/suggestions for a scope Mount for the Mosin Nagant. did you folks ever get those? I know I sent a Williams 70 side scope Mount with the offset rings, a vintage Heckner side scope adapter base, and a swing over scope base. I know Chris and I had emailed back and fourth on some ideas and he said when he got them he would send them over to the R&D folks. I never heard if they made it or are stuck in a USPS warehouse somewhere. I really think the Williams design with some work would be the solution a lot of Mosin shooters & hunters would find better than all the other crap out there that is basically modified rear sight IMHO. He’ll if it were possible to send you guys the scope base off of my M28/76 I would, but I am still looking for the upper portion that holds the rings, a part that is more unicorn then reality in finding.


I would love to adapt the MCARBO Optic Mount to my KT420 forend, so yea, a pic rail mount instead of the current bolt on👍


@TOMMCARBO Glad you joined us on the forum. I’m sure you will get lots of interesting questions. :smiley:


@GOBLIN And Sir that’s Why your the Best My Absolute Favorite better than Salmon,Halibut. :smile:


@Dred it can be done…

trim the stand offs to the thickness of plate used. i would recommend stainless for material. worked fine on the trow together i did for the gen 1 redlion. still trying to figure out how to post the damnable videos…

I did have the comp M2 on a flipped cantilever mount, to move it back but you wouldnt have to do that with a fixed position forearm////


@GOBLIN, thanks. I seriously considered tossing your pics into my request/appeal to demonstrate that it is worth it for MCARBO to pursue. I figure if it can be built such that it can be offered for $250 or better - it will sell. Now … I don’t want this mount attached to another forend. Rather, I want a new forend with the flip to side mount built into the forend.

It will be very easy to build mounts that attach to the existing aftermarket units. I like the Red Lion means of securing to the Sub and its length, but I like the Kel Tec 420’s offset location that allows it to fold without twisting the picatinny out of the way. Finally, it needs to be floated from the receiver side so the barrel can do all the harmonical things it wants.

I still don’t understand why Red Lion doesn’t cut their slots a smidge wider so the whole world of Mloc is opened up to adopters, but … it’s their business and … IMO, the quad rail days have passed - I only want to carry rails I actually use. IMO both the KT 420 and the Red Lion designs are set up to add quad (or Tri for a folding Red Lion) rails.

So … @TOMMCARBO needs to build me a one piece KT420 mount using Red Lions attachment scheme and MCARBO’s rapid deployment optic mount.


Hey @TOMMCARBO, how much does it cost for you guys to instal the internals (the pro trigger bundle) of the sub 2k? Also, what is the turnaround time for it?


@GOBLIN Buck Really looks Good!:+1: And as far as the M Locks to Rail? Are counter Sunk and drilled at the center of the Plate or Outside towards Outer edges? Having trouble putting this Picture Together in my Pee Brain!:rofl:


@TOMMCARBO I really like @Dred’s idea of a Kel-Tec 420 style forend with mlok attachment points. Maybe make it a little longer too.



Milton, I believe that you should be ‘promoted’ to DR DRED… :smiley:


$65 / hr … Here’s a link to shop services - https://www.mcarbo.com/custom-shop.aspx. I wouldn’t imagine a flat rate by the job. Maybe a min. of 1 hour though.


Kel-Tech use to install it for $40.00 with about a 2 week turn around. Might check with them for another option.


@Texprep Hell ’ Waiting for the Safety (DTent and Spring) to return to Earth was Half the Fun’ Of Sub (101) Basics But I am a Old Guy’:rofl:


Hey Jimmy, it will be 65.00 and that does not include the 25.00 return shipping. We will get your firearm back to you in 2-3 days.


looks very cool man, I like what you have done with it


@TOMMCARBO Hi Tom. Thank You for being a part of the forum and giving us a “Man on the Inside” as it were. My question will probably be multi-part but I will start with the basics.

I have a stock, S2K Gen 2, 40 S&W.
1 - What are the torque specs (if any) or assembly/reassembly tightening procedures you use? Especially on the trigger guard bolt, sight/folding hinge bolt, etc.
My S2K folds, deploys and locks, and shoots fine but when folded the front of the barrel (not the sight itself) never truly centers. I have tried adjusting this, but even if it is adjusted to center and re-tightened, after being deployed then re-folded it will be off center again.

2- This pic is in the folded position and back lit so the gap can be seen at the square washer on the end of the barrel. Is that normal?



brother, this looks like questions for guys a lot smarter than myself. Call the shop and ask for Pat, Dave or Adam, and they can help you out. if you would rather email them, it is just their first name @mcarbo.com


Hey Tom just a thought and idea how about a 45 degree mount rail for like small lasers or lights that mounts on the side slots on the s2k like this so it will still fold up. Maybe you could run it by Chris


I love the idea sir, I’ll see what I can do. We need to get these mounts knocked out first before we move on to any bigger projects.