M*CARBO Brotherhood

PTR 601 - Review and Range Test

Here’s one for the Tactical Operator in you!



Fond of the H&K clones, Got a H&K 93, factory and a PTR 91(HKclone) swapped for it knowing it was a problem child, turns out the fix was simple, re-stone the rails square, and new oversize rollers for the roller bolt, plus a lock.
love the rail system on the K clone, my older stock 93 and PTR91 , both have to use the claw lock mount, which the only one ive found to last was the STANAG claw-lock , the Bsquare mount would never stay tight until it stripped, and the ARMS stanag copy kept breaking on the legs.(3 of em) so i just bit the bullet so to speak and bought 2 of the 280$ STANAG’s
excellent video by the way brother!