PSA Getting Into The 5.7 Game

Hmmmm … I’m roll’n with Craig of the Tuasen Craig Micromagnum. Tuasen owned the company, but Craig was the brainchild. Craig’s work resulted in the 40gn TCM I value.

So, I ain’t never sperimented wit dat 39gn short s#!t cartridge that fits in a 9mm magazine. I wanna blame Tuasen for the 39gn trial baloon. Tuasen understood the market potential offered by the 9mm magwell compatibility. Craig built a cartridge that works for me.

Have you tried the 39gn short shitters? Are they worth a crap? If they can do what the 40gn variety can do, I have trouble understanding why it hasn’t caught up to its 40gn big bro.

No matter … I just spent my Kel Tec P-50 (want is still strong even if this thread was about PSA’s pistol) money on chicken coops 'cause I just can’t tolerate another 762x39 or 357Sig before ammo gets a little more affordable. I figure buying into two calibers during an ammo supply crisis is stupid enough.


PM Me" I’ll send the Pic’s So we can Finger it Out ! :rofl:

The Belgian military/police ammo was designed to defeat body armor. You’ll find your average factory ammo does not. Multiple Youtubers have confirmed this. The original ammo for military/police use had an aluminum core with a steel penetrator and copper jacket. That would be illegal here in the USA, due to the components being determined to be “intended for defeating body armor with a pistol”.

40 bullet at ~2000fps at the muzzle.

A guy named Paul did that.