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PSA for new Ruger LCP Max owners

If you get one of these and have problems with the mag dropping during live fire, like I did, contact Ruger and have them send you a new mag catch and mag catch spring (for free). I just did this and everything was super easy and quick. Very easy to replace, too. The new mag catch spring is easily twice as strong and harder to depress as the original one and I’m pretty sure that will fix my issue. Haven’t actually fired it again yet as the parts just came today, but I’ll update with a range report as soon as I do.

I’ve read of several reports with mags dropping and I can’t help but wonder if Ruger just kept using the old LCP II mag catch spring and didn’t account for the extra weight of a loaded mag with four extra rounds and the mag being physically bigger and heavier itself.


Looks like the new mag catch spring fixed the issue. Just shot over 100rds through it and no unwanted mag drops with all three of my mags. :+1: