Proud New S2K Owner

New to the S2K, and new to the forum and MCARBO Brotherhood. Happy to be here.

I have been wanting a S2K for a really long time. Despite all its quirks, it’s just a cool little PCC. Finally last month, I found a 9mm Gen 2, NIB, and had to have it.

So far, I’ve kept the MCARBO upgrades fairly minimal (rear sight, receiver tube cover, charging handle cover). I most likely will do some internal upgrades soon, but after getting an RDS setup and weapon light, I’ve spent enough on the carbine to call it good for now.

My wife and 13-year-old like shooting it too, and they could easily hit what they were aiming at. And that was bone-stock straight out of the box!

My S2K will primarily serve the home defense role.


@LeverScout welcome to the hood


Welcome to the forum. And nice looking sub2k. I beleave the sub2k is how most of us found this forum. Only thing ill say about changing any internals is if you are planning on doing it to wait and do all the internals you want one time. But adding the full mcarbo internals is night and day difference from stock sub2k. And like all of us here with a sub with all mods done your pretty much stuck with gun cause youll never recoupe combined price after all upgrades. So shoot it and enjoy. I know i got around 1000 bucks tyed up in my 300 dollar sub2k.


@LeverScout Welcome to the M*Carbo Gang’ Enjoy ya Will.


@LeverScout Welcome to the brotherhood James! You will enjoy it here, its a forum like no other!


A big welcome from me as well.
Glad the whole family had a chance to fire the SUB2K and enjoy it.
You better stock up on ammo being that it’s now a family affair, LOL. Not joking! :roll_eyes:


For sure! Just picked up 600 more rounds of 9mm FMJ 115gr. I keep adding to the pile here and there. That’s one big reason why I prefer the S2K as my go-to SHTF gun. I have a lot more 9mm than 5.56 or 12ga.