Proud Moments In Our Lives


@Flogrown yeah @Kona tried that with me. I opened a “private account” uploaded a clip and posted it. (I am not sure I trust the privacy).

Now I cannot find the account! Lol

I am the guy that buys a new laptop when I can’t remember the password. :astonished:


@Johnksg I know your proud brother. getting em into archery teaches em a lot.:+1::+1::+1::+1:
I started Girlchild on a Bear “Goblin” bow at 7 15lb recurve. thru the years, (on the archery team since middle school) Bought her the “odyssey” 15lb compound she had to have for competitions, she “absconded” a 35 lb sammik recurve,(taught her about flemish twist strings how to refletch and never use anything but Zwicky broadheads.)… and my first primal gear 40lb, (one she shoots the most now), this past year, I had to pay up on a bet, she won my old bear wheelie (70lb compound) bow, told her years ago when she could break it and hold it to the count of 20 , three times, it was hers Lil 5’2" miss, 116 lbs, not bigger than a min did it.
but i created a monster, I was super critical of her form ( arm position ect) was adamant about instinctive shooting, ect, NOW she super critical of me, correct my form ect.

you know the most expensive part with girls into archery? dang Bras. 125$ apiece, at 3 a year, to keep the girls strapped down and out of harms way. It was bumping her release… single parent, has to go into Victoria’s secret, shopping for a certain sports bra? it was a bloodbath. them sales girls were on me like hens on a junebug…
this is my Baby now


@GOBLIN Buck I can tell your a proud dad! Good for you sir. :grin::+1:

My boy is 7 (currently) as well, I had got him a 15lb Barnett a couple of years ago but he didn’t quite have the arm strength.

Well he does now and my wife is already plotting new xmas purchases. That woman has no restraint when it comes to guns, gear, and hunting! Her idea of heaven would be to be turned loose in Bass Pro Shop with a fistful of credit cards. Lol

I never had to deal with the "over the shoulder boulder holder" issues thankfully as we had all boys. I could have never handled a store like that. :astonished:


remember flemish twist string. put on regular, its 15lb break on the bow. unstring one end, give it 5 or 6 turns, boost the bow up to 20 lbs. for when they out growing the 15, but dont have quite enough arm strength for the next step a 35 lb sammik sage…

arrows, i like the ones i make, but girlchild has me shooting the Victory Vforce 400 spine feather fletched (i was adamant about that, feather flies better for me…) carbon fibres, I got my first primal gear bow, a 40lb er, I had it a week, then the next thing I know, its being borrowed, then all of a sudden its hangin in her rack, and not mine LOLOL she gave me a set of puppy eyes, so I just ordered me a 50lber and kept on keepin on LOLOL they sell the strings and arrows… they have a hell of a knife to.


@GOBLIN. Buck you would have an easier time teaching your dog differential equations than to explain this to me!

I am pretty sure you are speaking English but I am not 100% sure? :hushed:

My advantage is I don’t have to know or do everything. I have a wife, stepson, and even my kid’s 2nd grade teacher to call upon for this issue.

And in a way that makes me even happier. That not only has my family run with these things, have embraced the principles that I live by, but that even in liberal Oregon there are plenty of folks like us!


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ive been told that before, archers tend to speak in odd terms… check this site out, search for the B-50 Flemmish Twist bow string. also a excellent archery site…


@GOBLIN checked it out, like the “new to archery menu”.

But is this guy doing what it looks like he is doing? :astonished:

Kid: hey dad…remember that time you spanked me?


yep. but the holder has to trust the shooter. no flinch allowed , ya might get a new pierceing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
look at the shooter. no red dot or sight on the bow. instinctive shooting… best way.
less bad habits to get rid of later…


@GOBLIN @Johnksg Look at where the arrow is pointed, I am assuming the dad is getting ready to toss the target in the air…then run the other way!..:running_man:


your either a puller or pusher, you either start high and draw down to your target or you start low and push up. thrown targets, you dont start your draw till target is thrown…
I draw down, a puller. add to that a lefty.
you know in tha movies where a arrow is split with another? i know people that can do that repeatedly . add to that a arrow is much more subseptable to a cross wind than a bullet…
that level of trust i was talking about. you ever seen, other than hey yall watch this and hold my beer moments, someone on a rifle range/pistol range stand downrange and hold a target? :smiling_imp::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



Maybe there is someone standing off frame holding that man’s beer.:thinking::grin:


watch this guy, the un-official spokesperson of the traditional archer. smoothe as butter…


Spending the weekend with 50 young people from church, ages 10 - 20, at a youth conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. The news and social media wants us to think this next generation is worthless but I don’t think so. I have faith in this generation to come. They may be a little slow out of the gate but I think they’ll finish strong.


@Flogrown @Johnksg ive never shot a bow either a crossbow yes i did i got my first kill with cross bow a phesant in flight it was a very lucky shot the guy beside me missed twice with shotgun and i took a reaction shot although it was a lucky and reaction shot im still proud of that one



I didn’t get into archery either but when I was little my dad hunted and shot comp. archery and made all his own ceder shaft arrows. That was in the days before compounds. I still have both his fiberglass re-curves but they are left hand so I can’t shoot them even if I wanted to. One of them is a 78# pull and I know you better be ready to shoot when you draw it back, 'cause there’s no holding it.


@jeffing65 well my little guy is so excited, he stayed an hour after the coach left just practicing til he could hardly pull the string back, he wanted to go again Sunday but it is storming and I said no. Instead he dug out his allowance $$ and bought two more packs of arrows.

I think I am in trouble! :grin:


sorr all my dam likes are gone



No good deed goes unpunished. lol


@jeffing65 between wife and kid I think I am becoming the range version of a soccer mom!


Here is my schedule:

*2nd Tues each month 3-gun practice.
*2nd Sat each month SDMG competition.
*1st and 3rd Friday each month Practical Tactical.
*Every Friday and Sunday Sporting Clays.
*Every Saturday Archery.

Add in Hunter’s education and HGSC and range improvements and I pretty much live at the club! Lol