M*CARBO Brotherhood

Proud Moments In Our Lives


thanks brother im sure he,s looking down on us now and im sure he,s at peace and has loads of friends he is buried in what we call the little angles plot in the grave yard



Sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace in Heaven.


Nice work Pop! Universal Law in a free will zone… No Karmic impact either… you must defend yourself and those who are unable to defend themselves… with equal force.


:+1::+1:Good for you and good for your son!

I stand and applaud that. " Wonderful young Miss in the 5th grade".:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

That is exactly how my dad was too. It wasn’t anyone’s business to be punishing or disciplining me for any reason. That was my parents business, and other peoples rules damn well weren’t my dads rules or mine, unless he or my mom said so. An ideal that seems to have somehow gone missing in modern times.
And in my family, a night out for fun and some ice cream for being not only a good kid but being a descent person and doing the right thing, knowingly, and in spite of the consequences.
Doing the right thing, when it really matters, is so rarely the easy thing.


@hunter1916 not " he would have made me proud" He does make you proud!

   But a moment of Life
            then Gone.........
        yet  All ..still ....speak of Him....
                     Now...some.. seven years on........


thanks jeff nicely said @jeffing65


Hey Brothers - Had a Proud moment! 10 year old. 3rd Daughter of 4, but first one I got our to shoot. First time! A little long due to the slo-mo… but the best part is 45 seconds in. :slight_smile:

JRL Shooting

Note: After driving 30 minutes to the country, I realized i left eye and ear protection at home… eh… just .22 plinking.


@plaidler34 That grin is priceless! :grin:

You know I just got into a heated discussion two days ago with some of our better gunslingers who want to close practices and competitions so new shooters can’t shoot. (Ain’t gonna happen as long as I am alive!)

They don’t understand the joy I get when I see that grin on a students face.


@Johnksg I guess those with the (Better Than Thou Type Attitudes) Have Forgotten that They too were Newbies Once ! How Sad


@plaidler34 What a big grin!



It is funny about using the phrase (Better Than Thou Type Attitude.) Referencing my Lakota Traditions (Pitiful Two Leggeds’.) There is ‘no one’ more PERFECT than Creator (God or whatever belief system?) Somehow, it seems that all of us get caught in that ‘rut’ and sway to the ‘darkside (negativity?)’ How about being PROUD IN ONESELF for doing a single good deed by just “thinking of others?” We could definitely have PROUD MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES EVERY DAY??? Laughing… This is ‘my’ sermon for today! :rofl:


just couldnt fight it… :smiling_imp::+1::+1::+1:



Laughing madly You’re quite the smartass, Buck? Love it!


i hope she keeps it up witch means when she turns into teenager she be able to keep the boys in check :joy: i use to tell my daughter when ever she had a new boy friend that she was told to tell them that i had guns and they where to treat her properly then she would show them a photo it worked [guns are not as ready available here ] @plaidler34