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Proud Moments In Our Lives


this is one of my proudest moments my daughter graduating from uni a BA WITH 1ST CLASS HONOURS IN FRENCH

and her first time shooting my 597


Hands down when my little girl was born. It was really like discovering a new kind of love you never knew exists. Never been the same since


Congrats to you both! Thanks for sharing.


@Flogrown, I believe it is ‘these’ precious moments that bring out the BEAUTIFUL SPIRITS among people! I have a baby picture of my daughter lying up against my back! That was 22 years ago… Now, she is graduating college with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree. Thanks for reminding me of all the ‘proud moments, my friend!’ Hold on to all those wonderful times!!! They are blessings…


@Robert during the entire pregnancy I was hoping for a boy so badly…now that I have my daughter I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.


10/01/01 day i brought my daughter home from a hospital in Cleveland. LONG ride home.


@GOBLIN I don’t know about you but the first time I drove with her in the car coming home from the hospital…I don’t know if I ever made it out of 3rd gear. Lol


all i can say is beautiful @Robert


I don’t have a photo but my proudest moment was when my son stood up to a bully.

He had been putting up with it for months and was depressed and kept saying he wanted to die. The kids at school played a game where they would hold him and take turns at kicking him in the balls. We spoke to the school and it got worse so I bought him a punching bag and started teaching him to fight. I got home one day after work he ran up to me and said" I got him I said who mate he replied billy the nutcracker I did what you said when he went to crack my nuts I punched him as hard as I could in the nose he fell over and ran to the teacher crying with a blood nose. He then told me I had to go see the principal who I informed my son had followed my instructions in self defence she said I was an animal and shouldn’t condone violence.

That was 5 years ago and he has never been bullied since I have always said never become the bully but stand your ground protect yourself your family and those weaker than you. I will never forget the look on his face that day after he realised that billy the nutcracker would no longer be a problem it was a turning point in his life.


fair play to you and your son and i bet the bully isnt bulling anyone else now ,i know we should,nt condone violence but sometimes we have no choice and its the only way the bully will learn :+1::ok_hand:


Was in sheer desperation I told him to go down that path I try to install good values in my children as did my parents but sometimes the only way out is to step up and defend yourself. I would be devastated if any of my kids started bullying anyone.


Good stuff :+1: that lesson will help guide him his entire life.


LOLOL I did the interstate speed limit all the way from Cleveland to west Virginia, constantly watching my mirrors, apprehensive , that even though we had signed all the papers, and the hospital would not release her till i got there, but my paranoid tail thought for sure some one up there would change their mind, and they would try to take her before i got her home to SC…


@Craig75 welcome to the club Craig, Girlchild, when she was in the 5th grade, was setting with some of her friends on the bus, and a boy started harassing the other girls with her. she stood up, told him to back off, so , he open hand slapped her. she countered with a spear punch to the throat.
boy lost all desire to continue, as girlchild put it," he was rolling around gagging and throwing up every where."
I did ask her later why she ignored our first rule, (if you have to knock someone down, make dang sure they stay the hades down) and her answer was “he was no longer a threat pop, I almost felt bad for him.”
principal tried showing her butt, but i stepped in the middle of that, and quashed it. principal also suggested i punish her, so i did, took her out that day for rollerskating and ice cream.


@GOBLIN, Right on Buck… You know that I am available for adoption! lol I enjoy hearing great parental pro-active stories! Growing up, I missed having that… I swore that I would be there for my kids but unfortunately, my daughter’s mother never made the distance with me so my daughter missed out on quite a bit as well… Angela is now graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and will be an ‘angel’ to many in need. I am so proud of her!!!


love it :facepunch::fist_left::fist_right: another bully bit the dust and im sure she enjoyed her punishment :grinning: you should have slapped the principal your self how do they expect to squash bulling if they want to punish the victims:rage:


sad time for me guys my grandsos birthday was yesterday he would have been 7 years old unfortunely he never seen his first day but still proud and im sure he would have made me proud


My heart goes out to you my brother my he rest in peace and may you and your family have a happy and safe Xmas and a prosperous New Year.


thank you brother and the same to you


wow, thats sad, though he may know more peace than any of us,
I bet someday you’ll realize that proud feeling larger than can be currently imagined :latin_cross: