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ProMag Magazines Are Junk

About two months ago I bought two 32-round ProMag 10/22 magazines because they were cheap ($20 each). I noticed when I first got them the geometry of the feed was a lot different from a Ruger magazine but they seemed to work okay - for about 200 rounds each. Went to the range today and kept getting misfeeds from one of them and it looked like this - note the stock Ruger BX-25 next to it. Cheap pot metal next to the real stuff.

The other ProMag magazine is severely worn too, it just doesn’t have a piece broken off of it… yet. Guess what magazines I won’t buy any more of. Guess what magazines got thrown in the trash today.

I bought some ETS Glock mags for my S2K. So far after about 300 rounds each they’ve worked fine and don’t show any abnormal wear.

Any other 10/22 magazines besides Ruger that are any good? I liked the higher capacity of the ProMags.


I avoid Promag completely. Pure junk. Here’s one that has been awesome for me.

Just adding that I’ve only run Ruger mags and this drum. Both have been flawless.


What this guy said. Only mags I’ve ever had malfunction were Promags.


Check out Black Dog Machine. Weirdly, even though I don’t have a 10/22, I do have a 10/22 Tower for a Black Dog Machine Drum. I have it because BDM was out of stock on M&P 15-22 drums, but had 10/22 drums and 15-22 Towers. I had a coupon code that made the 10/22 tower free. Only reason I haven’t offered it up is my gfs son’s 10/22. The tower allows me to loan him my drum. I shoot the shorty 10 rounders most often 'cause I’m a closeted FUDD. I own several 25s and the Drum 'cause my closet is my own, deeply personal business.


Bought one of these and tried it at the range today. It worked flawlessly with everything but… wait for it… Winchester SuperX. Geco, CCI standard velocity, Norma Tac-22, even Federal bulk all worked without a hiccup but SuperX had 21 failures out of 100. Either it chambered and wouldn’t go bang or wouldn’t completely eject. I put those rounds in a BX-25 mag and they all fired without problem. I’m no fan of GSG and wouldn’t have bought it without your recommendation, so thanks for the tip - I enjoyed myself. I’d be thinking about a binary trigger if I had someplace I could use it. :smile:


I don’t know if I’ve tried any SuperX in mine.
I have a metal box of mixed, old 22LR ammo.
No telling what all is in it. It runs it, though.

I haven’t run these in my 10-22, but I run one in my AR-22.
It has been flawless as well. Wanting another one for M&P.

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I’ve never had good luck with Promag either. Mecgar makes metal mags for 1911 I’m not sure who else they make em’ for but ASC and ETS are two others I’ve bought and been happy with…


I don’t have any for my 1911’s but I run Mecgars in my Sig P22x guns and all of my CZ’s pistols. Mecgar makes some solid quality mags. I avoid Promag like the plague, even if free.

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:100: Pure JUNK.

Sorry you found this out to late.

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