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Project Appleseed 🍎

Hello guys Mike here. Well I’m proud to say I qualified Rifleman with a a score of 222 at Piru on Nov 16-17. It was so much fun and 100% worth it. The weather did a 180 a week before the event. It was hot and howling winds. Something like 15-20 mph constant with gusts over 30! But we all pushed through and kept shooting.

Edit to add link for appleseed - https://appleseedinfo.org/

The instructors were amazing and very helpful, the history lessons were fantastic! It has reignighted my interest in the revolutionary war! So much was learned and to be honest it took a while to toss out my bad habits. As soon as I truly trusted the basics I was able to truly make progress.

If you are contemplating on attending a appleseed let me give you the final push. Do it! It’s worth it! It was my first event and I qualified and already signed up for the next one and I’ll use a center fire rifle and iron sights. Any hope here are some pics hope you enjoy.


@CatFood, Well done Mike! So the big question, what were you shooting? Maybe the third pic tells the tale, but for some reason it’s blurred, like one of those “protect the identity” shots.


@Festus Thanks a ton! Ah no blur it was covered in a towel due to the crazy winds we had (was lunch break).

I was shooting a marlin 795 running cci mini mag 36g cphp. Has a DIP trigger and trigger guard, scope mount, Nikon 22lr 3-9 scope and a boyds stock. All stock internals. The marlin can still out shoot me for sure. Decembers appleseed will be my center fire AR with iron sights and a mean brake (I’ll try to be on one of the far ends to not scare people). The range of weaponry was from a ww2 take home m1 carbine to a 3k$ 10/22 that was a jam a holic and a bolt gun (ruger precession rifle I thing).

Had 4 miss fires with the cci all in a row. So I switched boxes and batches and had zero issues for the rest of the event.

Funny thing is, I shot so much the stock wore my shoulder pocket raw, and have to wait to shoot untill it’s healed.


@CatFood Damn, I wish Piru was a bit closer. We had a bad lot of CCI bulk too, even had one round w/o powder or projectile. So the Marlin, is yours the tube or box mag? I’m also wondering, which Boyd’s stock, I have their Pro Varmint for my Remington 597, really like it. Man, people sure can go overboard with their 10/22’s. My wife has one, all we’ve done to it is a trigger job, Gen. 2 CST bolt, Weaver scope mount, Simmons 3X9 scope and a bipod.


@Festus Well I wish it was closer to me too about a 2 hour drive. But I just camp at the range so it’s good. It’s the single stack mag marlin. Never have had any issues with cci mini mags untill this choot em’ bulk pack. So maybe I’ll stick to the single 100 round bricks, but the other box didn’t have a single issue. As for the boys stock, I don’t remember the model, it was a bit over 8 years ago when I bought it. I want to say it was the rim fire hunter in pepper. It just added the right amount of reward weight the 795 needed. Funny thing is the stock broke lol. A chunk broke out in the trigger guard area, didn’t effect anything.



Hey guys
I have searched around a little.
I thinks this is way cool
Would love to do this
There are spots open if I am reading the web site right for December 14th & 15th.
About 5 hour drive from Lodi.
I love to camp.
Man if I could work it out, I would love to pack everything on my HD (rifle and camping gear) and go for it.
Just not feasible at this time for me.
But! Is on the list​:v::v::v::v:


@Captainjack88 Do itttttttttttt! Yeah I camped right on the range we used. One instructor was from Vegas. I’m sure 2020’s schedule will fill up more with more events. Problem is all the instructors are either leaving the state or retired. It’s a true bummer. But if you get a chance it’s 100% worth it. I don’t want to be the only camper out there… hint hint lol. Yeah hard to get all that gear on a hd. But they do make trailers for them…just saying…lol.

Edit - yes looks like there are still spots available.


Hey Mike,
I don’t have a problem getting all my camping gear on the scooter. The rifle might be a challenge.
I have run cross the country many times and camp all along the way.
The problem is time.
Just finished a trip out to Minnesota to see my first Grandchild. Before that I flew out to Arkansas to see my pops. In January I’m taking another week off to do that again.
Need to work some hours to keep my pension credits coming to be able to retire in two years.


OTOH, might present a bit of a problem for me.


That’s a smart lookin’ Italian you’ve got yourself there @Festus.


I wanna play too. Seriously, I want to do the Appleseed. I’ve got more bad habits than I even know are bad. I think an Appleseed is the ticket.

I can pull my rolling condo camper …


@Dred I thought I’d seen it all…but that’s a first and you weren’t kidding! :grinning:


I suppose I could roll ahead and reserve our spot…now whos gonna pack my gear???


Damn we got our self a motorcycle gang going on! @Dred yes it’s worth it 100%! 2 weeks before the next Piru event. Otherwise go onto project appleseeds site and see if their is a closer even to you all.

I’m camping there, damn CA laws, I can’t lend any rifles to anyone. :angry::rage:

I hope I can acquire the ammo for my ar by then lol. Damn black Friday sales, wrong timing for me as always lo.


Need to get myself to one also. Hopefully next year.


I have to admit I really had no idea what this thread was about at first, but after looking into it, this actually seems like it might be a bit of fun. It kind of reminds me of the courses I had in Scouts when I started shooting “a few years ago”. And who here needs their arm twisted to go shooting anyway?

I checked out the website and I think I’ve got a rough idea of what the deal is. As it turns out, there are two events in MD throughout the year and one is maybe 20-30 minutes away (due to traffic). It’s limited to .22 lr, I suppose that’s not a big deal though and the recently acquired M4-22 seems like the perfect tool for the job.


@chilipepper I procrastinated going for years. I was like “I’m good I’ll do it next time”. That was a bad decision due to most of the instructors retiring or fleeing California. Now there isn’t as many events going on.

It’s a bummer that it is only a .22lr event but it’s still worth it to go and get the training and education at a appleseed. As they say, a rifleman can hit their target with any type/size of firearm. Which is why I’m going back to Piru and doing the same appleseed with a center fire rifle (ar) and iron sights. Just make sure it’s not a mp-15/22 as they don’t allow them at appleseed due to the safety issue with the bolts.

When you go let us know how it turned out! And always remember to spread the word about appleseed.


I can’t really think of any reasons why I shouldn’t do this. The closest one is in Annapolis (think Naval Academy) with both one and two day courses, and they’ve got a lot of them throughout the year. Even if it’s a two day, home is still only a few minutes away so I don’t need to worry about accommodations. The other MD event is more like an hour away but appears to be two day courses only and I think also allows for center fire, so my AR556 or Ruger Am. Predator in .223 would do the job there. I think I should start with the one closest to the island and have a go with the .22lr first. If I like it and do well, moving up to the one farther away makes sense. Would be a good way to meet people in the area as well. I work from home and don’t get out much so I really don’t know anyone local, save the barmaid at the watering hole a few blocks away.

Is the entire riflemen course you did shot at 25 meters?

Yeah, I noticed they post that just about everywhere, I didn’t realize there was an issue with it. Good thing I went with the Tippmann M4-22 (can’t thank @dave67 enough for that tip). I think I saw Tippmann actually make/made a special Appleseed model of the M4-22 etched with their logo, though I can’t find it on their site at the moment. Surely a good endorsement for use of the firearm at their events.


That, coupled with the ever dwindling outdoor range facilities (at least here in Nor. Kal.) are making these rare events.


I feel badly for you and anyone else living out there. That said, I just hope that nonsense stays in the state, it’s bad enough in MD and we don’t need that infection spreading elsewhere…

Oh, and thanks for starting this thread. I hadn’t heard of Appleseed before this but glad I know about it now. :grinning: