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Products That Can Save Your Life

This is the first of what I hope will be several threads discussing outdoor gear, tools, radios, and rescue equipment.

What rescue, emergency, or outdoor(s) equipment can you personally recommend to the brotherhood and why? Write a review and post some comments!


The Stanley Fat Max Fubar III


I first came across this item while digging through the back of one of our police department patrol vehicles. Now I have seen my fair share of entry tools and demolition equipment but never had I seen anything like this!

It honestly looked like a comic version of the most bad ass war hammer you could imagine. Needless to say I was intrigued and quickly found out from the Sgt were he got this tool from.

When my first one arrived (yes I have more than one) I was a bit skeptical but at the same time hopeful. I have had so called “all in one” demo tools before and with exception of a Dasco bar I have been disappointed every time. They are often just too gimmicky or not durable enough to replace a standard sledge, maul, and wrecking bar. Items like this are often sold on the basis of looks to people who will seldom use them.

The Fubar I received weighed 8.5 lbs, was 30" long and encompassed a sledge hammer, nail puller, prybar, hydrant wrench, gas shut off wrench, and a gripper suitable for wrenching standard 2" boards. I liked that its balance was well forward making swinging it as a sledge more efficient. I was a bit skeptical about the finish but that was a minor issue.

It just so happened that a neighbor of mine had a shed he wanted to tear down and I eagerly put it to the test!

My step son and I smashed and bashed our way through that shed in no time each of us taking turns with the Fubar. He works in construction and promptly ordered one himself! Even the finish held up well with only some minor scratches.

Besides our local police department using them as entry tools our local FD equips them on all of their vehicles as well. Having a single versatile tool can be invaluable when you don’t have the luxury of time.

I also equipped our local schools with these tools as part of their egress kits in case of an earthquake.

Sadly since last year the prices on these tools has skyrocketed. I was buying the 55-120 version off of Amazon for $60 as late as last summer. Now they are going for $95 and the 55-122 version for over $200!


  • It works pretty well as a sledge.
  • The gripper works as promised in pulling and twisting 2x4 studs loose.
  • The prybar is excellent.
  • The hydrant and gas shut off wrench is handy to have on a demo tool!


  • Unless you are pulling spikes the nail puller is way too big for standard sized nails!

Overall I would highly recommend this tool for anyone who needs to make a quick forced entry (or exit). It is a handy tool to have in your truck and a great addition to an earthquake kit.

In fact I keep its little brother and a fire extinguisher on a wall mount in my bedroom just in case of such an emergency. :grin:

After all I was a Marine…we make our own doorways!





I can remember July 12, 2012 like it was yesterday. It was Tuesday and I was on my ‘flex week’ (coming off a 3rd shift manufacturing plant job for my 5 day extended weekend.)

It was “veg out and watch videos night.” I went to my local Chinese Restaurant for some take out and picked out a few Redbox videos for my evening entertainment. I was chowing down on my food because I don’t remember passing out. I awoke to a very uncomfortable feeling… My pillow was saturated with sweat and my entire left side was numb. Not thinking any further as to what was happening, I had managed to make myself a shower to “cool down.” As the water was cascading off my body I had a (brainstorm) notion that I was a victim of a stroke/heart attack! Well, thank God for the aspirin! I had taken (4) tablets and laid down for 10 minutes praying that the “feeling” return to my left-side. When it had not, I figured that it was time to go to the hospital. I was in my apartment alone, no cell reception and 20 minutes from the hospital. It was as though CREATOR WAS WITH ME HOLDING MY HAND. I drove myself to the hospital and checked myself in the EMERGENCY DEPT. I was greeted by the emergency team when I got out of the bathroom. I was rushed to the back to be seen. After being (hooked up,) it was determined that I was ‘barely’ receiving oxygenated blood. I was MEDiC VAC’d to another hospital to have stent placements! I was later told that it was the aspirin that had saved my life!!! I would also like to ADD that a LANDLINE is also a viable component if cell reception is not “consistent” where one lives…



I did the review of the Fubar simply because it has proven over time to be such a useful tool.

When I did the Sheriff’s SVT most of the folks used large 4x4s which allowed them to haul a lot of gear.

I on the other hand used a Polaris 570 Ranger. The narrow profile and tight turning radius allowed me to get places the others couldnt. However space was at a premium. So instead of 3-4 different tools I could carry just the Fubar.

It works great for wrenching open a stubborn car door! :grin::+1:


Take the 81 mg aspirin every day. And Hope you don’t have another of these “incidents” anytime soon.



Unfortunately, it is a ‘hereditary’ problem. My father was quite a bit older when his occurred. I did not expect mine as soon! I did have a 2nd heart attack 9/16. It was 2 additional stents along with a ‘replacement’ to a failure of an original stent. I am also under treatment for angina (attacks.) My doctor ‘upped’ the 81mg/daily aspirin regimen to 325mg/daily after the 2nd heart attack. Thanks for your wishes! I have changed my eating habits after ‘the big one!’ I am diabetic and I have a number of ‘challenges.’ I believe that if it weren’t for my active lifestyle, I would have not been around a few decades earlier…


a simple pocket knife so mr magiver saysHUNTER%20-%20WIN_20190211_104617 :grin:


@hunter1916 all he ever used was a paper clip and some bubble gum! :laughing:


@Johnksg Like the Fubar. Looks like an excellent tool.:+1:

I have a Polaris 700 Ranger :+1:


Absolutely!! A knife is a must. Whether pocket or sheath they can save your life. Main thing is to keep them rust free, sharp, and handy!!

Bought this little knife in 1955, it has been there and done that for over 60 yrs. Cost me $12. Cheap insurance policy.


@russ looks nice and well kept and an eirloom my mate showed me a knife last night that he made, he made it from an old file no forging but did soften it then harden it and it has some edge on it i never thought of taking a photo of it but for first time he made a great job of it


heres one i picked up from a friend, made somewhere between 1934 and 1946 custom
“WILKERSON CD KNIVES” note the small handle and the split, pinned and soldered guard. walnut scales… many years of use. buddy found it stuck in a center beam of a old barn in Baton Rouge. due to the odd stamping, got the dates narrowed down, but very obscure knife maker…


Chipped a finger today working on my log splitter. Went to medicine cabinet and pulled out the bottle of “New Skin”. Reminds me of super glue, but this has pyroxylin, alcohol, oil of clove. Forms a clear bandage over wound and is also an antiseptic. Bottle is small, about 2"" H x 1" W. Lasts forever seems like. Small wounds ignored can become life threatening. Recommend carrying a bottle of “New Skin”.



had a lil incident today, I can be graceful, and well medical equpt just aint user friendly sometimes. anyway
they upt a PICC line in last week, so i can try to beat this infection the hospital so kindly sold me( aint that some crap) anyway to use it, DOD requires i use a 2/3 lb pusher pump to inject over 35 minutes. damn thing runs on C batteries.

anyway after shooting the dose this am, my butterfingered butt ripped the PICC line off clean with the bicep (i dropped the damp pump), just above the shut off. that tiny lil toothpick sized line? shot blood out like it was coming out of a firehose.
the 3 steps it took me to grab my GO bag and rip the C.A.T. tourniquet off the front, , and get it locked down, ceiling , wall, dog, is washed down, and im standing in a widening puddle as it drips down. girlchild walked in the room bout that time, and took the whole scene in. looked like a scene from Texas chainsaw massacre :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
she didnt pass out.:+1:
out the door we went. keep in mind, i was locking down for work, so knife on belt, shoulder rig on. I grabbed a sweatshirt, threw it over one arm and one shoulder, she grabbed my small ruck, and she was drivin.
C.A.T. sealed it up as much as i wanted. left it dripping. we went to closest ER.
SHE FRISKED ME before we left the truck, everything in the center lockbox. pistol, 4 mags, leatherman, folder and fixed blade and we strolled in.
Im not a people person to start with. im standing there, trying to enter the info in the kosic, dripping blood on their machine and floor, and i hear my youngun bust loose with a tirade that woulda made any westpac sailor take notes… I counted 2 languages, mighta been three, first one to get to saw the holster and hesitated, second one saw the C.A.T. and sped up.(sweatshirt slid half off, soaked) she locked it down 1 more turn, told me i was close enough and off i went to get a new PICC line installed.
first she thought i was shot, told her snapped a PICC.

anyway, spent the rest the day, cleanin my holster belt and gear, do the truck a second time tomorrow, it looked like a crime scene, and wouldnt let girlchild clean it up, due to the flipping infection. even washed the dog.
moral of my story, if you dont have a C.A.T. tourniquet, get one. get two. keep one on your gear bag. you nick something deep, you will pass out before you get it shut down 90% of the time.

doc did tape it triple tape it this time, both sides of the clamp…:smiling_imp:
if nothing else, i can be entertaining…


@russ is that the name of it[new skin] sounds like a handy thing to have id have no problem using up the bottle ,wonder if i can get it in ireland ive never heard of it or can you get it on line


@GOBLIN you had a good day did’nt you :joy::joy::joy: glad your ok though buck


@hunter1916 You can get it on Amazon if need be.AC_SY400


@dave67 thanks for that dave


@dave67 just ordered the new skin in a spray on ebay approx 13$ thats including post from the states to ireland