Product Support is like Roulette

One of my un-favorite topics is companies who don’t support what they sell and inferior customer service. But I think it’s important to call it out. Here’s an example:

Snipped from an email from Kalashnikov USA support yesterday 2022-03-14T04:00:00Z

Please keep in mind that with the holiday season that just passed and shot show my warranty department is a bit behind. It might be a few weeks before we can have this back, maybe 6 weeks. I do apologize.

The K-USA KP-9 pistol my buddy sold me has a problem - and it’s still under warranty. So I thought it best to send it back and have it repaired. It’s only a couple of months old. Very low round count thru this pistol.

I don’t take it as a good sign that Kalashnikov USA warranty dept has a big backlog. That suggests to me they have QA problems. I think I’ll try to fix it myself. Also, noting K-USA’s comment… what holiday season that just passed? Was I in a coma? What month is this?


Yeah - that’s a piss-poor excuse for a long delay. I would send fewer people to SHOT show if my warranty department was behind.


Indeed. Not to mention the Shot Show is four days long and it was in January.

I cant figure out what holiday she’s talking about. Valentines Day? Presidents Day?


It’s what happens when you run your business with minimum staffing. It really is a crap shoot these days with anything.


I’m sympathetic to small to medium sized companies who had to struggle with COVID mandates and employees getting sick or having to quarantine for the past two years. A lot of businesses struggled with that. I get it. What I don’t like is people blowing smoke up my ass. Or when they send you snotty emails like its your problem when their product has an issue or their service doesn’t meet reasonable expectations.


I gave up on Kalashnikov USA and fixed the problem myself. What a bunch of d-bags. Examining the gun and comparing it to another AK pistol, I figured out (as suspected) that the mag release catch was either too long or the pivot pin holes in the receiver were slightly out of tolerance. Changing the pivot holes was not an option but I considered filing a couple of millimeters off the mag catch. Then I had a brainstorm.

The mags for this pistol are unique (another downside). You have to buy them from K-USA. There were Russian-made alternatives but you can’t get those now. Since the mags are unique to the gun, I decided to modify them instead of the mag catch. As with all AK’s the mag catch is a simple pawl. On this 9mm variant, The pawl hooks onto a wedge shaped detent molded into the mag. So I took two millimeters off that detent with a flat file. Then test fired that mag, dropped it, reinserted a bunch of times. Voila! Works like a champ. Holds firm. So I did the same on all five mags I have for that pistol. See pic. I goosed up the contrast and stripped the color to make it easier to see the fix. I thought about polishing it a little but decided I don’t care what it looks like. AK’s are supposed to be fugly. It’s part of their charm.

Problem solved. But there are more stories in Poor Supportland.

The Black Aces Tactical S semi-auto ‘not a shotgun’ went back to Black Aces. I rolled the dice knowing it might be a PoS when I bought it. The bones were not in my favor on that roll. They have had the gun for a week now and haven’t given me any updates… like “We got the gun and are working on it”. Crickets. So I sent a friendly note to the CEO/founder. It’s a small company. Maybe it will come back to me working like it should. If not, I will be a real dick about it. Even a 400 shotgun should be able to reliably fire a round without hopelessly jamming. How hard is this? The action is a Mossberg clone.

AR15 Discounts is treating me right. Emailed CS with a firing pin issue, and even though it’s well past their 30-day refund/repair policy, they’re sending me a new FP. Replied to my email same day.
(NBS BCG purchased Dec '21) :+1:


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