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Problems with XD9 Mod2

I’ve recently have been having problems with my Springfield armory XD9 mod 2 micro-compact. This was until recently my everyday carry weapon however I went to the range and when I went to practice with it it failed to fire. I was able to field strip it quickly and put a little fresh lubricant in it and work the slide then it ran just fine. After getting home I cleaned it and reloaded it and put it up. The second time I went to the range to practice with it it did the same thing over again this time I brought it home and disassembled and found that the firing pin and striker almost looked like it had cosmoline grease in it. I cleaned it thoroughly and reassembled everything went to the range the following day and it fired just fine. I went to the range yesterday and I had the same problem again this time I brought it home unloaded it and put it away and grabbed my 1911 as my everyday carry piece for now. Has anyone else had this problem our read any articles about what is causing this I would appreciate any info I could get thank you


Have the springfield xd mod2 subcompact. Ran into this problem about a year ago. With the problem starting when taking a friend shooting. I thought it must be the ammo. Swapped several different rounds. Same thing. Slight indent from firing pin. When I got home stripped it all the way down. No problems since.


This right here. Clean out ALL lube/oil/grease from the striker channel along with the striker and return spring. Don’t put any lube in this area at all, leave it all dry. Besides turning into goo, especially when the temperature drops, oils can act like brake fluid.


Thanks for the info I will try it dry. When I tore it down and cleaned all the gunk out of it I only use a couple drops of good synthetic gun oil to lube it back up. So I will try it dry. If that doesn’t work then it will find a New Home.


Update. I replaced all of the striker components and now it runs better than new. This in tailed new striker components dampening spring, new striker, new striker firing spring, new cocked indicator and guide. Cost was $85.00 W/ tax and shipping. Seems to run smoother and quicker than new. Was told that a particular brand of ammo may have been the cause. Other folks have had similar problems after firing that brand


That’s a given for any striker fired gun, no lube in the channel! Read the manual for lubrication points!

Maybe that spring was too tired.