Probable Scam Site/Beautiful Pistol

After a considerable amount of researching this site, I feel like it is definitely a SCAM.
First clue was the “too good to be true” price, and condition of the firearm listed.

AMT Automag III .30 carbine With Box 30 cal - Fireman Valley

I searched the address listed on Google, says it’s owned by a blueberry farm.
All the social media links go to a web theme design company or something like that.
They do take credit cards as the payment, usually a legit sign, but not always.
They have a physical address and email, but no phone contact numbers.

Oh well, if it were legit I would jump all over it. Best to just leave it alone.


I went to the Home tab of this site and it has a different address listed.
A search there reveals an actual firearm business, so maybe it’s legit.
What do y’all think here?


I havent ever ran across that site before. But i do have to say you have great taste in firearms. That is a beautiful pistola. Hopefully it works out for you brother cause i look forward to seeing some more pics of pistol and review.

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Maybe a member here could go by the physical address and check it out. See if they could buy/see said firearm and then proceed from there. I am leery when a pop-up window announces that “xyz from California just bought……”

Where are they located?? I’d be happy to drive by there if they are located in Oregon…

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That web site is a huge red flag. It’s three months old. Notice that they offer the option of switching to Arabic? WTF

I’d check to see if they wrote a cookie to your computer. And delete it immediately. Then run a malware scan for good measure.