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Primer on Gun Lubrication

Another newbie request.

I will be opening the KT Sub2K for upgrades. During that process, I will Hone the inside of the tube (lightly) just to make sure there aren’t any burrs.

I will also be doing all of the internals (MCARBO) polishing where parts rub.

Problem – I don’t have any experience or knowledge of what lubricants to use, or where to lube.

I have:
Ballistol aerosol
CLP squeeze bottle
Rem Oil aerosol
SuperLube tube (with PTFE)
LockTite LB 8008 Anti-Seize Lubricant
EWG - Extreme Weapons Grease
Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes
AR-15 Barrel Nut Grease (MCARBO kit)
Bore snakes (all calibres I own)
Hoppe’s #9 Bore Cleaning Solvent – both liquid and foaming
Other gun cleaning solvents
Gun cleaning kits, brushes, swabs, rods, etc.

I Plan to use the Extreme Weapons Grease on the Bolt.

What lubricants to use on the interior parts? Aerosols or single drops? Liberal, or sparse?

How often to field strip and clean (not opening the grip)

How often to “deep clean”?

Do I need an ultrasonic “soaking” machine?

Need really basic info.


I use Ballistol, BreakFree CLP, Pig Lube and Militec grease on all of my firearms. I only field strip and clean my S2K. Now that I’ve done all the MCARBO internal upgrades, I never intend on taking the grip/frame apart again unless something breaks in there. It does get pretty dirty in there, though, but it hasn’t been an issue for me (yet). I try to hose it out as best I can with CLP and hope for the best. So far, so good…


@archibaldal Check out this topic.Lubrication For The SUB2000

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