M*CARBO Brotherhood

Price matters and I am an old man

Here’s the thing guys. The taller metallic peep sight is 65 beans. The red dot mount is 150 beans. I just bought the carbine …landed cost 375.Great little gun.The attachments are great but for a guy whuts 70 years old on a fixed budget I went for a QD mount from Amazon on the pic rails and a red dot I already had for less than 50 bucks and it holds zero. I mean I love M.Carbo and all their wonderfulness (the extended charging handle made it useable) but sometimes ya gotta deal with reality and facts. At some point ya gotta deal with the fact that increasing price equals diminishing returns. I understand that volume is the key so maybe we all need to try to increase KelTec sales so thatr MCarbo can realize economies of scale L Failing that, somebody maybe needs to figure out that there really is not much reason to double ot triple the cost of a gun they bought based on price just to make what are for all practical purposes incremental improvements.