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Practicality And Use Of 10mm?

The price of 10mm ammo keeps me away from it. It’s just way too high for me to really get proficient at using it. I would rather use 9mm JHP self-defense rounds. Less expensive, higher capacity magazine, and easier for a little guy like me to get the weapon back on target for a follow-up if necessary.

Others probably feel differently, but just speaking for myself, it’s not something I’d use consistently.


i feel the same way. my 45 was great


The 10mm gets rap from people who prefer to shoot airguns or something. I read where people were complaining of Glock 27’s having too much flip and hard on their hands. I was blown away and thought “what a bunch of fracking pansies.” I enjoy standard loaded .40 and love the 10mm. Got to be one of my favorite rounds. I recently picked up a Glock 29 sub compact. I haven’t had the chance for range time, but this gun was used and the price was right as it was considered by many to be too hot to handle, blah, blah, blah or some such stuff. My buddies S&W .44 Mag snub nose is hard on my hands and I just thought I was being wussy that day, as it had no effect on him.


For over 20 years I have been shooting and carrying .40 and 357 sig. I started shooting 9mm two years ago. I am looking at that new XDM 10 I really like that gun just haven’t shot an XDM before. Still dreaming on an M&P 10 but it may never happen.


I have two 10mm handguns and really enjoy shooting them. I handload for all my guns, the 10mm included. When I just want to plink with them I just shoot the least expensive .40 rounds I can find. I have a Colt Delta Elite Gold Cup that I rarely shoot due to its value and a S&W 1006 that I also carry concealed. It’s a toss up between my .45acp and my 10mm as my main carry weapon. I rotate them out monthly.


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