Practicality And Use Of 10mm?


Just checked out your website Holy Cow. do you think the carbine would give additional 200fps like the S2K does to the .40?

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Federal 180 JSP Trophy Bonded ran 1287fps (10 shots, stdev 10fps) out of my 5" Dan Wesson Silverback. Same ran 1608 fps (10 shots, stdev 9fps) out of the 16" Mechtech.


Wow, 1033 fp. guess that answered that question !
I found this article

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wow!! that is a amazing price !!!


Sure would not like to get hit with something coming out of that weapon!
I guess though I will have to stick to its little brother .40


nothing wrong with that! :slight_smile:

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FIFY - in good fun. Can we settle on 9mm’s big brother? IMO, the cartridge survives mostly 'cause Smith and Wesson matched the 9mm OAL when they raped my 10mm.

Little known fact for yah … 10mm is actually the love child of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.


How about step sibling to both ?


10mm has lots of uses seems like most folks like it for hunting less recoil than a 44 mag on up also excellent personal defence if YOU’RE going to own one you might want to reload for it more bang for the buck i normally stick with whats available in Walmart academy ect . But i likeeeee this round .


The Winchester “Talon” rounds are now referred to as the T-series. Ranger SXT (supreme expansion talon) The “Silver Tip” is a whole different line. Winchester does not manufacture 10mm in the T-series. Yes it was pretty political, but to avoid the round being outlawed, Winchester changed the name and color and agreed not to make it available at retail to the general public. It is still one of the most used, and most effective rounds in LE. It is made in 380, 9mm, 40 cal and 357 Sig.


Thanks for the learning re the Silvertips. I think I have one box of 45ACP Ranger Ts - is it irreplacable or are 45s still available?


Not through normal retailers try You should be able to get some there in multiple calibers


@Dred dred, saw one box of 230 gr “black talon” 45ACP , on gun broker, starting bid, $69.99 for 1 20 rnd box… and another lot of 2 boxes of the same, 45ACP for $99.99 starting bid… and a couple of older stock (bullet still black coated) for opening bid of $35
prices seem to be every where, as far as NOS Black Talon , and the color chaned LEO Only Ranger Talon…



Go to and you can buy the T-series… …but no, not any in 10mm, tho they do happen to carry a rather extensive lineup of other manufacturers!


Interesting reading in Winchester’s Law Enforcement catalog. Information on Ranger One, Ranger T-Series, and Ranger Bonded ammo. Has ballistics and barrier charts.


If you reload midway sales leigh defence bullets in deep penetrator also very special hollow points i load 155 grain gold dot bullets 15.9 grain no.9 powder a little over 1400 fps .



I enjoyed reading up on the 10mm. I have seen a lot of great reviews and had the opportunity to shoot a Glock G20. I was pleasantly surprised by the recoil and on all of my follow up shots. I ‘only’ shot 10 rounds, however I am sold on the firearm… I can see myself building an 80% receiver in the distant future! Big smiles!

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I never had shot the 10mm hi point carbine but i loved the 9mm carbine i had and thats main reason i got my sub2k cause i missed my 9mm carbine. i have owned several hi point guns and still do own a couple of there pistols and other then being ugly they are great reliable guns and i would trust my 45jhp to protect my life any day


I get them through a dealer for less than half that price, but I have to provide a copy of my retired LE ID card every time I purchase them.