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Practicality And Use Of 10mm?

Looks like 10mm is making a comeback, or at least trying to. In your opinion is there any practical use for threats from wild animals or self defense?


.357SIG >>>>> 10mm baby! I really have zero basis for opinion. I’ve never shot 10mm. But I have shot a…BOATLOAD of .357SIG and trust it to get the job done on just about any task.


(Let the flaming begin) I’d love to have a 1911 in 10mm, but to me it is another round of ammo that I would have to be on the lookout for.


10mm makes me smile. It is very versatile and I’m comfortable carrying it for defense against humans or critters.


@Dred makes me smile too :+1: and yea ALL sorts of versatility…



Ive never shot anything in 10mm, but from what I have researched it’s a bit much for most people to handle ie follow up shots, capacity ect. So they made a reduced charge for it, but still didnt work to good and then made the .40 cal. Which seemed to work good. Technology now might make the 10mm easier to shoot, but who knows. It seems the price of ammo is quite high too.

For me personally, it probably is a fun round, but honestly I need to stick with certain calibers as it is starting to cost me dearly (not to mention compatibility). And with the ammo law starting in 2019 it’s only going to drive prices even higher.


@CatFood I fired a Glock in 10mm a few years back and before I did I heard the same thing about high recoil and follow up shots but shooting that Glock was way better than I thought. It was a much larger frame than my Glock 35 (.40) which I’m sure helped, recoil was not bad at all.


I really like the 10mm, a carbine chambered in that round could be VERY useful in my opinion.

What stops me is ammo (&reloading) costs. With the amount of shooting I do it is not unusual to burn through a 1,000 rounds per month. That is the reason I run 9mm.


@CatFood what ammo law are you referring to?


@Pew_Ding for Prop 63, California is going to require a background check (2019). All ammo purchases will have to go through a ffl (2016). I’m still trying to wrap my head around it still. Maybe there is litigation in the works? Here are some links:


Back on topic, is there a carbine in 10mm? That would probably be pretty awesome. But I would still have to really think about adding it to my vast array of ammo.
@dave67 I will see if my range has a glock in 10mm to see if I can rent out, sounds like I should try it once.


@CatFood there are several 10mm carbines on the market. A very inexpensive option would be the Hi-point 1095TS


There are several. Mine is a Mechtech 16" upper that fits 1911 frames. The Hi-point @Johnksg mentioned is on my list of carbines to sneak up on and hide inside one of High Tower Armory’s bullpup conversion stocks. ARs can be built as blowback or gas. And there are many more.

And, it does suck to try living free in CA <- best I got while carefully stepping clear of the political rabbit hole lurking close by.

This is actually a 7 year old pic of my 460 Rowland Mechtech. but it shows what a 16" 1911 can look like. These days that’n has less junk hanging off the rails.


Sig sauer 226 .40/.357 hot potatoes !!!


@CatFood I just got back from a local gun show and Hi-point sells a 10mm carbine in alot of different colors/patterns now for about $400. Not a pretty gun but seems to get good reviews. But I also did not see any 10mm ammo for sale.


The 10MM is very versatile and one of my favorite cartridges. So much so I have dedicated a page to it on my website. http://www.dayattherange.com/?page_id=6173

This page includes my reloading data, ballistics gel test, chronograph test of factory and reloads.



Welcome. Off topic here, but since you are about … Thanks! You clued me in to The Reloader’s Network while you were discussing the Fenix JHP performance at the 10mm haunt. Fought through the registration this afternoon and I figure in a couple days of sponge action I’ll decloak.

Yes I’m that Dred too.


Awesome! (Post limit :roll_eyes:)


its a very awesome caliber. but i feel its still kinda expensive for a box of 50 for like 20 bucks for 180g…

i have not regretted buying the glock 20sf i own trust it with my life for outdoor use and hood use …
10mm for the woods 9mm for the hoods lmao jkjk
also the 10mm at lower grains like 155 will have absolutely amazing velocities like under woods XD 115g 10mm going 1750 Fps and 720 ft lbs

the only 10mm ammo on shelfs that are not lowered to 40 standards are usually sig and finiocci. federal and hornady have some really weak 10mm loads but they still surpass a 40

i still perfer 9mm because its cheap lol


I’ma bet you haven’t been acquainted with the Federal Trophy Bonded. They claim the 180 gr jacketed soft point exits the muzzle at 1275 feet per second and is still supersonic at 50 yards. And they speak the truth.

Also Winchester’s Black Talon Silver (Silvertip, but I get a kick out of the Black Talon myths and a chuckle that nobody called them out when they took “black” out of the name to make them less deadly) claims the 175 grain JHP exits at 1290, but I have not chrono’d to verify their veracity.

Sig is definitely the most commonly available full house 10mm.


oh yeah! totally forgot bout that load! but true true seen some vids from i believe Alaskan ballistics maybe or Kentucky ballistics… i dont really remember? !! i would love to try those feds and Winchesters!

thanks for the info!!! always learning !! i been training with the 10mm alot would love to take it to steel challenge lol i have trouble with them trees … idk my finocci 115 and 124 have some trouble turning it… or could it be its not a centered hit?