Potentially voiding Kel-Tec’s warranty for self installed upgrades

I contacted Kel-Tec in regards to their warranty, and if any external upgrades would cause a problem as someone had told me it would. This is her response

Hi Lynne,

I had a question is in regards to external upgrades, someone told me that any self-installed upgrades voids Kel-Tec’s warranty. Am I able to upgrade, e.g. my sights, install a flash hider, or make other external change’s without causing issues, or voiding my warranty?

Hello Kenneth,

Nope, putting aftermarket exterior accessories should not affect anything. If you have to remove or loosen any grip screws or the screw for the rear sight just make sure that they all get torqued to 31-35 in/pds! I am happy to have been able to assist you and I hope you have a great evening!

Lynne Briggs

Customer Service Representative