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Possible issue with CZ Scorpion and magpul mags

New Scorpion EVO owner as of 2-3 weeks ago and I’m checking all features while trying to decide which optic works best for me. Currently trying all my mags for fit and feature. Verifying locked bolt back on last round, feeding correctly and getting a good seat in the well.

While testing today I found something strange that needs to be checked. With the Magpul 35 round mags, 1 worked fine. Put second one in and couldn’t chamber a round. Tried rap n tap, figured I just didn’t seat it right, typical user error. But after 3 tries I was having no luck. Mag would fall free if tugged downwards. Put 1st mag back in and discovered it would also pull free without using the mag release. Figured mag release was at fault but CZ mags will not recreate event. For clarity this was tried with bolt locked open and again with bolt closed.

Anyone else have a Scorpion and a magpul mag with similar results?

Going to swap mag release to original from CZ and test again. Maybe a geometry issue with my installed magpul mag release. Live and learn, that’s why I test everything.

Will update if status changes.


I have issues with the PSA mags but really haven’t had time to investigate. When the bolt locks back on them the bolt or stop mechanism appear to leave a lot of pressure on the mag preventing it from dropping easily. You really have to pull it out often letting the bolt fly home. If I use the charging handle to lock back the bolt all is good.

You may want to experiment with this scenario.

I just ran some Mapul scorpion mags in a PCC shoot and all was well. My Scorpion mag change process needs work though.


Trying to recreate now and apparently I’m full of crap.

Takes a “Significant” push to seat the magpuls but the click I assumed was from the mag release setting is not what I’m hearing. Hear a click and assume I’m good to go but not really. Gotta see the mag release slip back about a half an inch before fully seated. Will try to throw a pic up.

Apologies to magpul for user error.


First image is after FIRMLY inserting mag, notice mag release doesn’t pop fully back to original position

Second image is after slapping the crap out of the mag, release pops back about 1/2”

I guess these will have to be range mags, ain’t got time to recheck in stressful moments IMHO.


Could it be the hole for the mag catch in the problem mags isn’t quite right, maybe just a fraction too low? A bit of file work might correct the issue. I hate stuff that doesn’t work.


Going to play with it this week. Leave one mag as is then touch up the latch notch with a fine diamond file. Sometimes it works fine but there’s enough doubt to make me take them out of service till I’m comfortable.


I know magpuls AK mags are kinda hit or miss but this is the 1st time ive heard about scorpion issues.

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I’ve been buying the PSA magazines.

I also have 4 from Prepper Gun shop. The prepper mags work fine. Have not tested the PSA yet, but many claim they work great. Can’t beat the price.

I have had three failures on original Scorpion CZ mags. Feed lips cracked. Were replaced by CZ, but I don’t trust em now.


For the CZ 20 round mags I bent a paper clip and insert it through the last round hold open slot after I push the follower down. This is in an effort to keep pressure off the feedlips when the magazine is not in use.

I was putting my CZ 20 rnd and PGS/Manticore mags away today. Playing with the follower in each I noticed the CZ 20 rnd’er had a lot more tension to it. I think that combined with an almost square notch at the back of the CZ contributes to the cracking. Good engineering would round out the inside square corners to relieve the stress.


Picked up a few to try out. Excellent call so far. Went through a few drills with them today and looks very promising.

Really like the rubber/soft base pads as compared to CZ’s and Magpuls versions. When shooting off concrete pad I could see this extending their service life.


They seem to be pretty good quality for no more money than they cost. I got onto them when my boss bought a PSA AKV9.