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Positioning the butt stock holes on the Sub2K

This might seem an odd question. My arm length, shoulder to wrist is about 32/33 inches. Which hole position do most of you use when using your Sub2K? I’m currently at the longest position because of the bolt tube cover. Would appreciate your opinions.


If you need more reach add a recoil pad. One fellow hunter had to add 2 & silicone caulk them together. His nick name is shorty .


@Goober6291 You must be on the tall side. LOL
I use mine in the shortest position but my arm length is nowhere near that long. I like the shorter position even though I can shoot it comfortably in all three.


I feel your pain, I’m a knuckle-dragger as well.

As am I, and still a bit “chicken winged” when in the shooting position. The Subby is the least comfortable firearm I own by miles.


Use the old tried and true measuring for stock length! Grab your gun and bend your arm at a 90 degree angle with the palm toward you! The end of the stock should fit right in the crease of the 90 in your arm! If it’s short see what the distance is from the end of you stock to the crease in your arm! If any of that makes sense!? Lol!


So where does it tell me what bit of my arm/hand I’m supposed to lop off to make that happen… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: