Polymer 80 Builds: Let’s See ‘em


How difficult is dipping a receiver in the film. I’ve got a few 80% lowers I’ve completed but they are still bright finish aluminum. I was going to have mine QPQ coated, but the company that was going to do it gave up their license to do work on firearms. He said as a manufacturing company he needed a license from BATFE to do coatings on firearms.


Hydrographics are easy once you do your research ive been doing it a little over a year now and i just watched tons of videos and read up on it when i started you just gotta kinda build a muscle memory of the steps and technique and never start with your brandnew high dollar gun. I bought a couple cheap old single shot shotguns that had seen better days and i use them for pratice but i would say if you dont have something to pratice on allready buy you a cheap 10/22 stock or sonething similar. Practice a couple times and then go for it and then youll be dipping everything you got and doing it for friends and family and be able charge them a little bit to recoup all your on materials


If anyone is thinkin of doin hydrographics thereselves i tell them to go for it. Its super easy with a little common sense and follow the same steps everytime. The key is to start off with good prep work and thats the hardest part like most things. And if anyone has any questions message me ill try help where i can and can tell you some good places to get your materials because not all companies selling hydrographic stuff are the same and i have learned that lesson the hard way.


heres the ar i just got done building with polymer 80 lower now to take it all back apart and dip it. Ill post pics after dip as well for you guys


I can’t say this for sure, but I have read that the polymer lowers can wear around the hammer and trigger pin locations. You might want to consider some anti-rotation pins. Ones I’ve used are from KNS precision. If you are using an assembled one piece drop in trigger then they aren’t so necessary.


Thanks for the tip sir i plan on a 7.62x39 ar build next and gonna do it with aluminum 80% receiver but wanted do a polymer first to see if its something i wanted to tackle. I appreciate any tips from people who have more experience.


All of the AR’s I own have the anti-rotation pins installed. It my be overkill, but I shoot alot so for $20-$30 extra bucks to prevent those pin holes from getting worn and becoming loose, it was worth it to me.



I just installed them on my two AR’s and they are probably overkill (I think they are meant for full-auto use) but there is also no way pins can back out now as well…plus I think the dog bones look cool. I have drop in trigger assemblies and they actually came with the one drop in trigger.


Full Size 9mm


223 Wilde


here is some of ar parts after i just dipped them its a true timber design called stratus its a real life camo pattern that looks great


Looks cool! At first, I thought it had been pulled up from one of those tragic boating accidents I keep hearing about. :rofl:


@HandyDave In the pictures it looks like a burnt/chard look, but I like it…you have a skill brother.


Yeah it has texture lines that look like a topo map and looks dirty and if i ever lean it against a tree ill probably never find it again lol but i wanted something different not your everyday camo im gonna use same pattern on my 7.62x39 ar when my parts get here but i plan on using a white basecoat instead of the tan i used here to make it look a little lighter in color.


got everything put back together today and got first mag dipped just got finish with pistol grip and 3 more mags



Can the upper be dipped or is it a heat issue?


Yes sir it all can be dipped and when my 7.62x39 ar parts get here i will be dipping everything including the barrel i just left the upper and barrel in black and buffer tube just because on this one


Got 90% of the build either in hand or on order last major bit I need to acquire is the holosun hsc507c red dot. Probably will post something more detailed once I actually assemble it.


@chris19d is the slide black with lighting making it look bronze?


@PYR Nope its really bronze. The finish doesn’t photograph well, it’s a brownells window rmr cut slide in bronze pvd