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Polymer 80 Builds: Let’s See ‘em



That’ll be rad, can’t wait to see it. I need to list some parts for sale so I can get a rmr for this one


Yep, been leaning towards a rmr for the next p80 build



Can’t go wrong with the rmr, keep an eye out on opticplanet for decent deals


17L. And 19


Black G17, Grey and Red G19, soon to be G26



Gray red gold is pretty pimpin, how does the Agency comp work for ya, been thinking about trying one out


Aesthetically I love it, functionally shooting with it on a 9mm platform I didn’t notice much difference.


Well it does look good at least then. I’d like to see some more pics if you get a chance. My bud has caught the fever to build one after shooting a couple of mine. He’s buying a few of my parts which is gaining me some gold goodies for my fde build.



The final part arrived today


That red slide with the gold comp makes it look like Iron Man’s gun. LOL


Thought I was done but…


@PYR you seen the Faxon FX19? It a Polymer80 complete pistol with serial for $1299+ haha



Yeap, grey ghost also is doing one, takes all the fun out of it if you ask me but then again some don’t have the skill set to do it


BUDK.com has this pretty cool build kit.