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Polymer 80 Builds: Let’s See ‘em


Already noticed a few builds looking through some threads here, so let’s share what we’ve built. Here are a couple to start…


Nice dave67, how did it run for you, I still need to do some finishing touches on my 34 build but it’s ran through a couple hundred with no issues.


@PYR No issues Derek. I have a G35 that I upgraded so I took all the stock Glock frame parts and put them on the Poly 80 kit. Lone Wolf G35 slide and internals with a .40-9mm Alpha Wolf conversion barrel, allows me to swap things around between the two. I had a Gen 1 Poly 80 that I never finished and gave to a friend when the Gen 2 came out…so much easier to finish. Who makes your magwell flares? There was someone that 3D printed mine, works but not the cleanest looking. You got a nice little assembly there, building your own gun is fun and can be addictive.


I just finished up a Glock 26 Polymer80 build. It was super easy and I haven’t had a single malfunction yet. I like it so much that I want to do a frame for my Glock 19, but it’s a Gen 2 and I’m not sure the Polymer80 frame would be compatible.


Addictive, yes, a bit, I have 6 and wife has 2. The magwell in the 34 is a Suarez but needs modified to fit properly. The plug is too big and I need to shave it down in order to fit in the grip, I had the same issue with a blacklist I put on a 17. Also the back side of the Suarez one has a gap that I will work on too. The 19s have an assortment of magwells, one being an actual p80 product that of course fits perfectly. Two blacklist, on fitting with no modifications, the other I needed to shave down the front lip. I have a one piece Suarez on another 19 that I had to do extreme work on the grip end to work. Also have a Cain arms one on a 22 build that is 3D printed and actually fit both 17 and 19 frames but it also not the cleanest looking. I’ll be posting more as soon as I can get to them, safe is currently blocked by Xmas gifts lol.


99% sure the gen2 slide will work, same recoil spring and capture section of slide.

Here is the wife’s 22 build with tactical solutions conversion and Cain arms magwell, all else oem


Wife’s 17 build, I joke my friends that ammo is loaded with pixey dust and lubed with unicorn tears :rofl:

Apex trigger, lone wolf frost bite slide, all else oem.


That’s what I thought, too. I just might need some new parts for the lower, but that would also give me a good excuse to try out one of those fancy triggers.


Overwatch works well for me and now with the poly version can be had for around 60

Suarez has deals going on now that one of those can be had for less then 50.

Apex are nice but I didn’t get along with it and was weird cuz with xxl hands you’d think the placement would work best.

And here’s another build in 23 flavor.


I won’t give that crook Gabriel Suarez one cent of my money. He’s been convicted on multiple fraud charges, money laundering and grand theft. And, he did time for it. He can’t even legally use/touch firearms in his own freakin’ training classes. :rofl:


That would explain why the stuff is so cheap, lol. Part quality is good though, I’ve been impressed with the slides for the cost that I paid, all second hand except for the 34 which was heavily discounted.


@wedge I’ve never heard of Suarez but after what you wrote I did a little looking and it seems like he was Santa Monica PD and SWAT for 15 years with extensive training and a couple perp shoots under his belt. He went out on workers comp with a bad back and started claiming disability. He created his training company while on disability and then SMPD and the state of California came after him hard with all the fraud charges etc. even if it’s true and he defrauded the state of California, I’m good with it hahaha!


I actually found that out about Suarez because I wanted to see what he others said about how big of an ass he and his wife were. I tried to order something from them and received HORRIBLE customer service. His wife is a real “peach”, too. She was wrapped up in all that legal BS, too.


Had a few moments to get the magwell properly on and new rmr. I need to get a nice shot of this one with the ar since there all matchy matchy and sh!t. Maybe I can get the tweenager to get a good pic with the camera she got for Xmas.


This is the first build I did and has been though some changes landing it how it sits today.


Here’s mine, brownells 17 length slide with threaded barrel on a a compact frame with xs big dot sights



YES!!! As I have (2) assortment boxes with OEM Glock parts awaiting a polymer (home…) I am praying that my 10/22 project gets ‘too’ costly? I have a ‘19’ ready to be ‘birthed…’ Don’t give me any more ideas… This hobby is becoming way too costly! LMAO


@lonewolf, more fuel to the fire you say :money_mouth_face:



Ya know, I ‘accidentally’ leave those boxes out on my kitchen table ‘praying’ that my parts will multiply. I also hint that MIDWAY USA has a 50% sale on polymer frames to my wife, however, she is convinced that she had spent enough money on me this year. I keep on reminding her that my birthday is in March!!! Big smiles. I wonder if a Go Fund Me Account will work??? :thinking:


Forgot to mention in my 1st post I also have a white frame im going to be building soon. Will be getting a black slide, gold ti nitrate barrel and red controls. Wanted to do a fancy gun this time.

Looks whiter in person the yellow color is from the lighting