Polymer 80 Build

I am looking for recommendations on a polymer 80 G19 build. I want to make sure the project goes smoothly. Is my first build. Any advice or instructions?


I just read an article about that in USCCA (?) magazine. Ill try to find it. I decided I wasn’t going to do it!


That would be very helpful. Thank you.


I regretted not using a drill press on the pin holes, especially on the rear backstrap. Other than that, just take your time. Theres plenty of you tube videos out there.


like stir says drill press and take your time.


@Vic27 I found a thread on Polymer 80 builds.
Polymer80 Thread

USCCA magazine has an article in the August/September 2020 issue titled “From Scratch” by Kat Ainsworth and it refers to Polymer80’s website

But then there is this…ATF Raids Polymer80


one of my builds


Has anyone used the lone wolf 80% kit? On sale for $99 = hard to pass up.

Thinkin im going to build it as a .22 with the Advantage Arms Upper.


I posted this in another Poly80 thread. It was on another related issue butrelays what I saw as issues building a Poly80 Glock clone. Cut and paste below.

I’ve worked on both the Sub and a Poly 80 kit. Kit is very straightforward even if you’ve never been inside a Glock. They just aren’t that complicated.

I’m not a gunsmith. Own some Glocks but only one I’ve every modified was a G40 as it had a really heavy trigger, even after a thousand rounds through it.

I built a Poly 80 G17 because… You can still get all the parts but not at a sole source site.

  • P80 Lower kits are still available at Brownells and other places. Bought the MOS cut slide from Polymer 80 on sale back when, although there are many other really good slides. Poly 80 seems sold out of virtually everything so expect lo look at other sites.
  • Lower parts - suggest staying away from the Glock store as they will not tell you what’s in stock until you order. I ordered a gen 3 oem kit from them and cancelled it after waiting 5 months. Suggest going to ebay and buying an oem lower glock gen 3 kit. Exception to that might be a Ghost Inc 3.5 lb trigger bar.

Don’t think you should skimp on this. Reliability is paramount in any gun and it’s hard to beat Glock OEM unless you are going for an aftermarket trigger.

  • Slide parts - same as lower. OEM all the way.

Bought the Lone Wolf threaded barrel.

Construction - Poly 80 suggests milling to remove tabs. I opted to use nippers to pinch off tabs, then filed down with sandpaper from 120 grit up to 7000 grit, all in stages. Just go slow, look at marine gun builder videos (https://www.marinegunbuilder.com/ ) and you’ll see how one guy does this and how simple it is.

Spring channel tab removal - Actually did mill this out using a drill press and the milling bit that came with the kit, but had to follow that with dremmel and file work. Again, this was easy and not rocket science. If I did not have a drill press I’d use a dremmel and not look back.

Drilling was straightforward. I did clamp the jig halfs before drilling as they were a little loose. Pin’s, blocks, and trigger all fit with no issues.

Only issue I had was the Poly 80 locking block. The one supplied was clearly too wide. Rather that grinding that down I contacted Poly 80, sent them a picture of both lower and block, and they has a new one in the mail to me same day. Very responsive. I did do a little fitting to the replacement block but could have just pressed it in as it was.

Only parts I did not buy on sale were the upper and lower oem parts kits.

Hope this helps somebody.


I’ve built 2x Pf40V2 G17s (gen3s) in the past year. Got both frames from Durkintactical.com Parts from reputable eBay dealers only include (for both):
OEM lpks except ejector which I upgraded to a factory gen4.
Slides from eliteweaponary eBay store
Slide parts kits from Hoopers Gun Works
Apex pro kits
1 Zev barrel and 1 Rival Arms barrel
Rival Arms tritium night sights
Few Hyve controls
Plans for Swapfox Kingslayer red dots for both.
Very easy builds as long as you keep your drilling square. Have patience and you be rewarded with a totally custom and personal piece.


I just finished the FreedomWolf lower, and fellas let me tell you, it was way easier then the Polymer 80 ! I used a drill press this time for my pin holes, and everything is nice and tight, 1st try.

Will post pics after some fine sanding, and when the upper arrives from Advantage Arms.


I got the full size and had a Brownells Glock slide and 9mm lone wolf barrel. I traded the upper for a Glock 35 upper and now I am a happy camper!!!


So finished up the lone wolf Freedomwolf build, but cant get a trigger reset. After a good bit of troubleshooting, im figuring the trigger bar firing pin catch is too low. Have to call lonewolf cust svc to figure out next steps.
Here is all three, Left to Right… G23 factory, Polymer 80 with factory trigger bar, and Freedom wolf with Lonewolf’s lower completion kit.


Freedom wolf


You guys may want to no longer talk about your 80% builds. I bought one and mentioned it to an attorney who has helped write lots of the pro gun legislation in our state. ATF is currently requesting sales records from retailers of 80% lowers. Also from CC company records. 80% lowers are the next thing on the hit list. Older ones probably won’t be grandfathered in, at least if they were sold after the 1968 gun control act. They won’t come knocking on your door looking for them, but if you a caught with one, you could be an instant felon if our current commies in DC have their way.
If you must buy one, pay cash so there is no paper trail and say nothing to anyone.
Needless to say, i returned mine for a refund without even opening the package. JSD was very understanding about it and is giving me a full refund.


Door knocks are not out of the sphere of possibility. In August, a local acquaintance DID have AFT knock on his door. They were investigating his purchase of a “solvent trap.”. His purchase and his participation in some " boogaloo" type forums earned him a door knock.

He was not home so AFT talked with his wife until she could get him on the phone. He hadn’t broken a law so all is well in his world 'cept having a wife that is now rightfully paranoid about the safety of her dogs.I


Its very unfortunate that mine were all botched and needed to be scrapped. Luckily they werent firearms so just a pile of plastic and steel. Anything i post was a history of the trials, prior to being cut up with a band saw.


That is too bad I was just contemplating a PM80


Disturbing feedback from Lone Wolf’s warranty group. I was not able to get consistent trigger reset, and pass a function check after my build.
After a bit of email troubleshooting, they offered to service it under warranty. After engineering review, all they would tell me is that the “holes were off”, and it had to be destroyed, but would replace it at cost ($35).
I was concerned that i used a drill press, and needed to know more details so i wouldnt have a repeat issue. They told me it only happens in about 1 in 100 times, and if i follow the instructions (which obviously i did follow the first time) i shouldnt have any problems…
Well, they replaced the frame, and returned my parts kit, minus the two trigger bars i was testing.
Coincidentally, they replaced the trigger bar with a mysterious new 3rd trigger bar, and new connector. There is a strange dimple on the safety plunger tab, as well as a very steep angle at the firing pin catch… :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

If those werent the problem, why did they send me new stuff, and keep my nice polished goodies? Maybe im just too cynical.


This was before your frame was lost at sea and had to be destroyed at @TexasEskimo s top secret lab?


This is all for historical record.:shushing_face: