Police Officers and Dedication to Duty

I wanted to start a thread dedicated to the bravery of some of the LEO’s that serve in this country. I will start it out with two officers I had the honor to meet in the last couple years. I met the first at the NRA Convention in Houston in 2022. A young officer I met in line at a Starbucks in the hotel we were staying in. He, his wife and newborn baby were standing in line and we had just finished getting a bunch of Starbucks gift cards to pass out to officers providing security at the convention. My wife and I gave him a couple cards and thanked him for his service. We noticed he was not in an HPD uniform, but was in an out of state uniform but that didn’t matter to us. We ran into him and his young family again a couple days later at the NRA board meeting as he was getting his award.
The second one we met in Indianapolis in 2023, once again at the NRA Convention. He got a very long standing ovation at the annual meeting of members. Both of these officers were very humble, salt of the earth people.
In a time of police being attacked from all sides I thought it would be good to recognize those who do what they can to make this a better place for all of us.
You have a good story of bravery of an officer; post it here. Lets give the good guys the recognition they deserve.
There are many more out there, I just wanted to start off with the ones I’ve had the honor to meet and talk with.


The news report from the incident.


The news report from the incident.


Absolutely a tough job in this day and age. At 63, I completed my bachelor’s in 2015 in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on information systems and security, but have not worked in the field. Even if I was younger, I can’t imagine doing police work with everyone’s hands being tied, and under a microscope. Have some done a poor job at policing and wrecked it for the folks that care, absolutely. All I can say is that I’m grateful that others are willing to do the job.


This Florida officer and motorist got submerged and sucked into a drainage pipe and went ~100 ft under 4 lanes of Highway 98. The officer did not hesitate or panic at all and had the motorist as his first concern when they got spit out the other side ~30 seconds later!
3.5 minutes of his body am footage:



Thanks for the recognition. Cops today deserve far more than they get. Folks often base their views about LE based on the few bad apples they see in the news when there are literally thousands of good guys out there putting their well being and lives on the line every day. My old man was a cop, I was a cop and I have a son that’s a cop. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do the job these days other than it’s probably a calling. Thanks again.


Not sure where this should be posted. Everybody be safe out there.


I hope she has a very speedy recover. Her 3 children need her.

On a negative note the PIO should have a good swift kick for putting " hit so hard that she flew out of her boots," in the press release.
That’s totally uncalled for and unprofessional. IMO.


Officer Heimlich to the rescue!


Agree with that. The PIO needs a little lesson on what the public needs to know and a little understanding of what dignity is.


Off-duty rookie saves 3 year old right outside his own home…


“Holy F*ck!” is about right…