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PMR30 won't work

I put in all the M*CARBO goodies, put back together, tested it. Pull trigger a few times worked great, tried the safty, worked great. Took safty off (fire) will not fire. reassimbled several times same deal. Whats wrong?

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Did you use a Snap cap or Expired Round? Broken Firing Pin?
They don’t like Dry Firing’ and Kel Tec’s got a update on Firing Pin and the Blocks.
Did You Watch Install Video? on Preload for Trigger.


At $4 each buy a spare firing pin or two. I bought about $40 of spare parts, including springs and things.
|PMR30 118 Firing Pin|2|$8.00|
|PMR30 111 Assembly Pin|1|$6.00|
|PMR30 275 Hammer Spring|1|$4.00|
|PMR30 256 Trigger Spring|2|$4.00|
|PMR30 184 Extractor Spring|3|$2.88|
|PMR30 182 Extractor Right|1|$4.00|
|PMR30 183 Extractor Left|1|$4.00|
|PMR-115 EJECTOR|1|$1.50|
|PMR30 153 Buffer|1|$2.05|
|PMR30 279 Slide Stop Spring|1|$2.00|


Make sure you didn’t over tightened the screws for the safety or the short one next to it.

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I just did a rebuild yesterday with the full kit.
Prior to the rebuild I was experiencing a few issues, including the following:
When I pull the slide back, the hammer cocks. I release the slide (slowly), and it will not release the hammer when I pull the trigger.

However, if I take the slide off and cock the hammer, when I pull the trigger, the hammer releases as expected.

So after the rebuild, which went very smooth, and yes I made sure the trigger spring was correctly set with the trigger notch, and that I used the correct receiver screw.

I then tried the dry fire tests again, and had the same results. I did notice that the trigger bar has a slight raised portion that aligns with a groove on the slide. The safety pulls the trigger bar down just a little when engaged. It seems that sometimes, the slide pushes the trigger bar down just slightly such that it doesn’t engage the hammer, similarly to the safety. I noticed that the groove on the slide that the trigger bar raises into had a slight imperfection, and was able to adjust the groove a little. As long as the slide goes forward with full spring force, the slide doesn’t seem to block the trigger bar and the mechanism properly engages. I don’t know if this is intentional or a design flaw, but hopefully this helps. I will try to post some photos to give a better visual of what I’m seeing.

Got a Empty Magazine in it ? It won’t fire unless you have a Mag in it after pulling slide back’

Hammer should still dry fire without a magazine, and an empty magazine will activate the slide catch and lock the action open.

The behavior was the same at the range with a full magazine in before the rebuild. I’m taking it to the range again today to see if the issue is resolved when cycling post-rebuild. I think the firing issue I’m seeing is either the trigger bar needs replaced, a tolerance issue with the trigger bar, or a tolerance issue with the slide. After the slide closes with force the issue doesn’t occur.

I had an identical issue, try adjusting the pretravel. Tighten that front screw on the new trigger so that the trigger comes further forward for the reset. It’s hard to get in there without disassembling but it can be done. At one point I left 2 halves of the frame together but loosened up the screws just enough to separate the frame just wide enough to get that tiny allen wrench in there to adjust the pretravel.