PMR30 Red Dot mounting options

New to the group and I have a PMR 30. I bought the all-in-one pro full upgrade kit from MCarbo and installed it a couple weeks ago. I’m super happy with it as its now almost 100% reliable. I have fired about 250 rounds since then with one minor failure to feed which only required a little push forward on the slide to pop the round into the chamber. It even eats Hornady Vmax 30 grain ammo which apparently is not recommended for the pistol in its original condition.
Yesterday my front sight fell off so I took it to the range to re-attach it and sight it in. At the same time I sighted in a new Leupold Deltapoint Micro which I put on my M&P 40. This was the first red dot I’ve ever put on a pistol and I gotta say I’m sold. My accuracy was significantly improved over using iron sights.
Now I want to put a red dot on my PMR 30. The iron sights have always shot pretty low for me and require quite a bit of aiming high to compensate. Perhaps a red dot might be just the ticket to resolve that issue as the stock sights have no elevation adjustment (and apparently like to fall off once in a while).
I see Kel-tec offers a Burris Fastfire III adapter plate for the slide and it looks a little lighter than the Tandemkross Picatinny rail that’s sold on Amazon.
I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with using a slide-mounted red dot after installing the M*Carbo extra-power recoil spring? Any reliability problems? I know MCarbo makes a frame mounted red dot mount but I’d really rather not make the pistol wider than it already is if I can avoid it, and I’d rather have more choices in compatible holsters as well.

But reliability is the most important thing and that’s what I am wondering about.
Any help would be appreciated!


Armalaser TR-30 works well.

@WashingtonApple I’ve used the Kel Tec Mount on my fast fire 2&3 No Problems. WELCOME TO THE HOOD!

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I actually decided to go with the Mcarbo mount. Yeah its not cheap and it definitely doesnt make the pistol any smaller, but then again the pmr30 is not exactly concealed carry size anyway.
I got it installed with a burris fastfire III today and cant wait to get it to the range to sight it in.

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Nice Job ! Enjoy it You will ! :sweat_smile:

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I also upgraded my pmr30 with all the mcarbo bells and whistles. Love this gun now. Ive put nearby 750-800 rounds through it since the upgrades and its running flawlessly. I always used cci 40 grain until I found Hornady 30 grain v max. Ive put around 400 Hornady 30 gr rounds through it and Ive never had one hiccup. I actually like the Hornady better than the cci. Better feel and sound from them. Accuracy is the same as is the cost where im located.

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I’ve had a chance to shoot quite a few more boxes of vmax. I actually love shooting it. Its lower recoil makes getting back on target faster. However, I have noticed a little more sluggishness with the slide than when I use 40 gr ammo. It still cycles but occasionally there is a little more delay as it picks up a fresh round and slides it home into the chamber. Its enough for me to wonder if my pistol was just a little dirtier or maybe even just really cold, if it might actually fail to feed. So even though its a joy to shoot I still keep 40 gr in it for defensive purposes. Possibly there might be some differences in my pistol than yours, or perhaps you use a slicker lubricant (I use Clenzoil).

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Good info…I carry my pmr 30 around the property for when I see squirrels and such. Strict orders from the wife to take them out lol her landscape is to Priority. When target shooting I usually send 100-150 down range so im cleaning my gun after every shoot I use a new product Target CLP. Amazing stuff. Its just difficult to find and get sent out to me. Ive rapid fired both cci and vmax successfully so Im still up in the air about which I like better.