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PMR30 Lula Loader

Just received in email. Hopefully it works with the cp33. Email question sent. Waiting for there response.

Dear friends, happy 4th friends

Years ago you sent us an email asking for a PMR-30 magazine loader (emails collected & saved since 2010 requesting such loader).

Well, we are delighted on this day to point you to MidwayUSA which is first to stock our new LULA ® loader for PMR-30 / CMR-30 .22WMR Kel-Tec magazines.


@Silverback Thank You For this Great News ! Will Make Loading the 4 i’ve got and all 16 Magazines a Breeze.:rofl:


Those loaders work great no matter what type gun mags you have to reload. Get a good one though. Made the mistake of just buying one that did not work out very well. I have an Uplula that works great on most of my magazines.


I recently bought an UpLula for 9mm/45 and used it to load my 33round Glock mag. It made it very easy to load it!! I highly recommend it.


Slicker than snot on a new doorknob. One of the best firearm related purchases I’ve made, this thing is a thumb saver and it’s bloody fast, too. I always thought my fingers were pretty tough but after charging 20 mags manually the night before hitting the range with my PC9 for the first time, my thumbs were not happy and I thought there had to be a better way. A quick net search introduced me to the UpLula and I didn’t hesitate to purchase.


Agreed i Have had an uplula loader for my mags for years. Makes loading a dream.

I even.have the AR mag loader. Nice.


I didn’t go for this one yet. The AR mags are much easier to charge manually than my 9’s, but might be worth a look. Looks like it works well for loading and unloading mags.

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I have been too busy enjoying my 22 builds, since I can easily afford the ammo! I have a 17HM2 that I am working on currently. I realize that the round travels 2x’s faster and won’t tear the meat as harsh when varmint hunting. I was always fascinated that the Italian Mafia utilized them (the 22 caliber) back in the early 20th Century~ I am interested in finding more out on the balistics. So, until the SHTF happens, I will ‘remain’ a firearm ‘builder at heart???’ Big smiles!


Look at the Paco tool doe 22lr. Makes nice little flat nose.


see they are a lot of counterfeits floating around wheres a good place to get a real one? pistol and ar?


Guys someone on another thread just turned me on to this loader for pmr30.

Wow!!! NICE!



Well I’ll be damned, would you look at that thing (fits all Glock mags)… :+1:t3:


I know right! My uplula works on all double stack mags and is easy to load
so unless that glock one would work on my sccy cpx-2 mags as well it wouldn’t be worth it to me. Still nifty loader.

Hope they come out with the cp33 soon