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PMR30 buffer upgrade

Please do a PMR30 Buffer upgrade. Why won’t Keltec incorporate your improvements?

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what do you mean buffer, the recoil spring? They have one.


The nice plastic pc. in the PMR30 that sometimes seems to melt from heat…lol Any upgrades on the table, possibly in metal??? The recoil spring pc of wire is another possible upgrade? C-clip type maybe??? I purchased the bundle package from you guys for my PMR30, AWESOME JOB THERE!!! All improvements without a doubt.


When I first got my PMR I noticed how reliant it was on that polymer buffer - it won’t work if the buffer breaks. Asked Keltec for a spare and they sent me three, no charge.


When I first purchased my PMR I took it home and cleaned it like I always do and noticed that the buffer was kinda cheesy, I do have a few spares but it just seems like a part that could be upgraded to metal, same as the wire pc. Holding the recoil spring in place, seems that there is a C-clip that could take its place.

“Cheesy” is almost the definition of Keltec firearms. This is just my opinion, but they’ll use inferior methods and tolerate a higher warranty failure rate just to save a buck here and there, even if their reputation suffers. How much more would it cost to do the buffer and recoil spring right in the first place? Pennies? How much more to put metal hammer bushings and feed ramps in Sub2k’s? I don’t begrudge MCARBO for making money fixing KT’s deficiencies, but paying $400 for a gun, then paying $250 more to bring it up to minimum standards is ridiculous, especially when KT knows where their problems are - MCARBO showed them.

The PMR is similar - how much better could they have made it using better quality parts and QC, and why didn’t they? They could have spent another $25 in parts and charged $50 more, and people would pay it because they’d know the quality was better. As it is now, I won’t buy another Keltec firearm - not worth the money to me. My S2k and PMR are okay NOW, but only after installing aftermarket parts.

Just my opinion.


I agree 100% I also don’t mind MCARBO doing the upgrades and supporting our vets, I didn’t spend $250 to get my PMR to the point of me loving it, the bundle package they put out was $140 but I have spent a heck of a lot more on other guns for sure.


I didn’t upgrade the PMR at all and won’t. I’ve had two major problems with it - the worst was firing out of battery. I like shooting both but not enough to waste more money on them. The only reason I haven’t sold the PMR is my wife is recoil sensitive and .22WMR has a lot more punch than a .22LR so it’s in her nightstand.

If Keltec just employed a final QC tech to inspect the fit and finish, clean up the over-sprayed paint, ensure they work and fire correctly would be a major improvement. And use a clean room for painting to avoid contamination in the painted parts.

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Have you made a replacement Buffer for the PMR 30. I would definitely be interested in one.

@MCARBO Hey guys and gals at Mcarbo, I hope you read these forums. I’m new to the forum and first time firearm owner, Yes and it’s a PMR30… I was wondering if you are still looking for a material to make the upgraded buffer out of for the PMR-30 ? Could make it out of silicon bronze, it’s fairly strong if made a little thicker than OEM part, it’s self lubricating and should stand up to the heat fairly well. Maybe cast blanks that way it only needs minimal machine work to finish. Or aluminum with a silicon bronze friction insert on the barrel end of the buffer ? I’m just throwing an idea out that hit me yesterday, maybe it’s good or maybe I should stick to hot rods and airbrushing…lol. Thanks and a late Happy, Safe, Prosperous 2021 New Year to ALL !

Yeah SmokinJoe that is so true. But it seems more and more places are using the Microsoft QC method. Make a product, send it out and let the users figure out whats wrong with it and complain, so the manufactures can try and fix it, Think Windows Me, 8 and Windows 10… Plus if they did the High QC we want, the price would probably be $800.00 for a PMR-30, not $500.00.

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people pay $800 for good functioning pistols all the time, what’s the negative here?
You pay $500, then add upgrades, pay a gunsmith, you’re at $800 anyways.

My point is, I don’t give a hoot if there is some little fly turd or dust in the finish of a firearm, So it’s not a perfect show item, I can live with it if having eye candy flaws if it saves me 200 bucks. You are wanting a perfect item from a company that does not make firearms as a first, but on a secondary basis, it’s Keltec CNC, not Keltec Firearms. Do you think S&W, Colt or Winchester built perfect stuff the first 10/15 years they were pumping out firearms, heck no and most still don’t. , Why do you think gunsmiths were so popular in the day. They fixed the mass produced glitches and poor quality parts those now big names made., and fine tune the firearm to the owners wants or needs. I’m putting my All in one kit from Mcarbo in myself, not having a smith do it and I’ll have a little over 620 bucks invested and some time. it will work as it should as long as I load the mags correctly. If you want perfection, buy a 1,800 weapon ( good luck ) or build it yourself, but stop complaining about buying a budget firearm having flaws.

sounds like someone forgot to take their midol