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PMR 30 will not drop the hammer after full upgrade bundle install

I used the M*CARBO video to do the install myself. Ended up with dead trigger. Followed the instructions for dead trigger fix at the end of the video. Did not work. Started to breakdown the pistol again but could not get the hammer to drop (go forward) to complete taking the gun apart. Since it took me 6 hours to install the upgrade the first time I am not to keen on taking the pistol apart with the hammer back so the gun will “explode” (video description of taking the pistol apart without the hammer dropped). Any help would be greatly appreciated especially since I got the PMR 30 last Christmas and was not having any issues shooting it. I decided to do the upgrade in order to keep problems from happening.


welcome here wildman, best i can tell you to do, is put it in a box and tent it, and catch all the bits as it comes out from under pressure. you have something jammed under pressure of assembly. you might try loosening all the screws, and once you take the pressure off, see if you can drop the hammer. good luck.


Welcome to Brotherhood Wildman!
I Too had a dead Trigger after the Install’ and I followed Kris’s Instructions for the Screws and the Preload etc ‘‘Too long’’ Turn it back In/Baby Turns and it Will work if all the Other is Correct’ As Buck says Check the Trigger Screws and the Middle Frame Screw that Kris also Points out in Video for Problem Areas.
Again Welcome to the Gang.


Yesterday I set up a work station in a collapsible clothes hamper (“tent”). I took off the slide. I then removed all the screws except the mag release button screw. I did NOT separate the halves. I adjusted the trigger set screws and tried to drop the hammer after each adjustment. After several attempts the hammer dropped. I replaced the screws while checking the trigger pull and hammer reaction (drop) after slowly snugging up ALL the previously removed screws. After about two hours I had the pistol together with a working trigger/hammer. I intend to lube and test it as soon as I am able…


One of the things that I’ve had issues with my PMR was over torquing the bolts that hold the safety levers in place.
So if you have any issues just back them off half a blonde curly and you should be right as rain.


usually I remember to do things like putting it in a box and throwing netting over it, but not on the day I worked on my PMR. Not taking the advice I usually give others I just pulled mine apart and things went everywhere. Lucky for me I had bought extra springs screws and all that other good stuff so I’d have spares in the future. A week ago I actually found one of the springs caught in my mini blinds.

(Deep sigh)
Got perfect 20/20 Hindsight.