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PMR-30 upgrade thought?

for the Keltec PMR-30, I am thinking a threaded barrel, or an extended barrel, extra 3/4 inch. I think just a bit longer barrel will assist in a better shot/higher muzzle velocity/and better recoil/reload. Keltec has a “PMR THREADED BARREL WITH MUZZLE BRAKE”, but not in stock, and no expected delivery date.

Also, since I could never get the extra power recoil springs installed, how about the whole thing ready to drop in replacement, instead of the wire on the end holding it all in place, a c-clamp type of piece, to make replacement easier?

On a side note, sounds like a good idea for the Ruger 5.7

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The PMR-30 threaded barrel is hard to find, watch gunbrokers or ebay for one.
I got one on ebay, stepped on my offer to get it. I like the muzzle brake options,
add a 3/8" x 24 to 1/2" x 28 thread adapter for a wide variety of choices.

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@Darkness easy know winter is coming the darkness is coming back :joy: :joy:

I purchased the threaded barrel over a year ago. I installed the SS feed ramp. I’m waiting for KelTec to get the complete slide back in stock. I can then swap out my slide with my optics to one with open sights. I can use my factory barrel.