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PMR-30 Trigger bar failure to reset after reassembly - fixed

I recently upgraded my PMR-30 with the M-Carbo “All-in-One Bundle”. Smooth as silk the process was - Chris really knows how to put together an assembly video that’s for sure! I did run into one hitch and it seems to be a fairly common one. The problem was where the gun is reassembled but after pulling the trigger or actuating the disconnector, the trigger bar fails to reset. The usual suggested fix is to back off the upper grip screws a partial or full turn and then Loctite it in.

The problem seems to be raised edges around where the ejectors in the mold are located. Those edges, on the right side grip, are ridding on the trigger bar and interfering in its proper operation. Sanding off those ridges allowed me to fully tighten all the screws on the grip and still retain full functionality of the trigger bar and disconnector functions.

The attached images show what I encountered and how I solved the problem. Having solved the problem, I left it as is. I feel now that I really should have polished both sides of the frame where the trigger bar slides as well as both sides of the trigger bar. Another fine touch will be to deburr and polish up the perimeter edges of the trigger bar (EXCEPT the top of the disconnector hump and the sear stud cutout area), These are places where the stamped trigger bar can rub on the inside of the frame and cause drag. - these last bits can’t help but reduce friction. I’ll definitely do that the next time I have to open this thing up.

I hope this helps…


Well, I’ll give that a go. I was ready to put the original trigger back in as this is my very issue.
Your post is very well presented.


@ibendtin - I hope this is a good fix for you. If you can, post some pictures of what the inside of your right shell looks like. It’ll be interesting to compare it to mine.

In fact, if anyone else reading this can post pictures of theirs and their results they had with this installation, I think it would be a good thing to know. Thanks.