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Pmr 30 safety problem

I installed the macro stainless feed ramp, now the safety doesn’t work, fires fine safety on or off.


My guess is the safety wasn’t lined up the SAME on both sides when put back on…meaning, one half of the gun was on safe and the other off safe when reassembled.



Welcome to the Brotherhood, @Cyclehd.

I think @drinva is right on the money.


The ramp alone shouldn’t have anything to do with the safety mech. Sounds like you have the fun chore of a tear down and putting it back together again. Look at it as a familiarization exercise :slight_smile:
Probably something simple out of place, no biggie, we’ve all done it a time or two, … maybe…

edit, maybe part #225, safety, upside down, or not engaged in its slot?

The safety is a one piece.

Hey thanks. I have had it apart that’s how this all started. When I try to put the safety on After racking the slide the lever doesn’t rotate all the way up.