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PMR-30 Now disassembled with hammer back (help!)

After following the steps on the trigger upgrade, i did not get the trigger to fire. So, I took it back apart, and forgot to put the hammer forward before doing so.

Now that the hammer is back, laying flat in the frame, I cannot figure out how to get it to go back up. The pin holding the hammer spring got stuck in the wrong half of the frame when I took it apart again, so now my hammer is not under the spring tension.

It takes an extra effort to get the spring back onto the pin because the distance is now greater with hammer back. Even though I was able to do it, it seems that the tension this is creating causes some of the frame to be just enough out of spec as to make it not line up exactly right to get it back together to see if my second adjustment of the trigger screws is correct.

I just have to get that hammer back up so I can put the spring back under less tension, Does anyone know how to release it while the frame is apart?


Sorry to hear, have you tried using a dental pick to move the hammer?


No I haven’t, I’ve got the perfect dental pick to try. So far I just gently used a tiny flat head screwdriver to pry it, but the angle is all wrong, so I stopped. I’m going to revisit this tomorrow. I’ll update what happens with the dental pick.


Hey @Bluejay ! :+1:Welcome and glad you joined in. :us: Lots of good people here. But then, some not so good people. If you get different advice from different members… always go with my mine. IMHO… Some of these guys should not be allowed to own a firearm nor reproduce.

GRAMMER NAZIS: Did I use the term nor correctly?


Hell @TexasEskimo you just finally got yourself a real firearm. Weve all seen them plastic toys you had before. They look like something you got from a lone ranger starter kit😂. Just razzin ya brother. And your dead on about a couple of these guys around here. Most are great group full of knowledge and then theres allways the few thats just full of … well you know. Then you have the ones who are full of knowledge and you know.


Success! I went and got my dental hook, but it was too thick to get down under the hammer and pull up. I then realized you can see the underside of the hammer, from underneath. I was not able to push up on it, so I realized that it must be mechanically designed not to just pop up unexpectedly, probably for a very good reason. So, I was able to find the little piece that the trigger bar must pull when the trigger is depressed. I pulled on that little part with the dental hook and pop, the hammer popped up, and the spring is now relaxed enough.

Before, the spring was pulling the pin in the handle over far enough to make it impossible to line up with the hole in the opposite handle half. Now that pin is nice and straight. Thanks for the tip about the hook.


I had faith you could cypher out your puzzle!! I always remember, it is not the errors we make, but the lessons we learn from our experience. Congratulations!


Yeah, I just got to the point where I had to walk away from it, put the parts in a box and go back to it later. I knew I couldn’t get back to it the next day, so I knew I had time to ask for some insight from everybody. I forgot I had that dental pick, even though it’s been missing for at least a year, and I just found it last week. After I posted the question, I was cleaning up something that spilled in the doorway of the room I was working in, and there’s the Trigger Bar Spring just laying there on the little rug I had lifted to to get to the spill.

I now have a much better understanding of how all the parts go together, and how some of the mechanisms work, than if everything had gone perfectly. Seeing the amount of engineering that went into the PMR-30, I’m surprised it didn’t cost more. Then, when I see what the Feed Ramp and the Magazine Retainer parts look like, I’m surprised it didn’t cost less.