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PMR 30 Noblex/Docter red dot

Opinions please, I have red dot paralysis. On this Docter reflex mounted on the PMR 30. Weight seems within recommended range, PMR 30 has the MCarbo feed ramp, trigger, mag release and recoil spring mods. Noblex | Docter Optics Sight II L/E 3.5 MOA sku 55713. Just want to make a solid more educated choice on this build/upgrade.
Thanks to all in advance! Alternative reflex and mount options certainly appreciated too.
This Docter Sight II L/E 3.5 MOA features a robust casing of high-strength steel and hard-anodized aluminum alloys, two-lens high-performance optical system, internal reflex coating, infinitely adjustable reticle adjustment, automatic control of illuminated dot intensity, anatomically adapted brightness progression of illuminated dot, and easy mounting.


  • Magnification Range:1x
  • Reticle Details3.5 MOA
  • Dimensions:(l x w x h) 1.8"x .98" x .90"
  • Weight:.88 oz.
  • Battery(1) 3 Volt CR2032
  • Battery TypeCR2032
  • Night Vision CompatibleNo
  • Brightness SettingsAutomatic Ambient Light Adjustments
  • Product TypeReflex Sight/Red Dot
  • Item ConditionNew
  • UPC4022203557132
  • MPN55713
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do you have any issues with your eyesight astigmatism ect.

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No issues with astigmatism. prescription lenses myopia (near sightedness). When using good glass I do not need to use the prescription glasses.


any damage to eyes can mess with a red dot. i have scaring on my right cornea,a red dot looks like the shape of a miniature state of Florida thru my right eye. the left eye its just a normal dot.
ok on the Docter sight. its basically the same design as the burris fastfire series, except the later fastfires change batteries easier. series 2/3/4 load from the top, dont have to remove from the weapon. from what i saw of the Docter price is about the same,(over 300$ ) and there seems to be a issue with customer service. personally in that price range i would opt for the fastfire 3 or 4th generation. but thats me.add to that fact docter has the tiny adjustment screws which are tweaky at best . later gen burris has the large adj screws. easier and more convenient.

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Hey Goblin, Thanks for your reply and info provided. Seems Docter, since being absorbed by Noblex— lack of customer service has been lacking. I emailed them a couple questions a few weeks ago (crickets).

It’s looking more like the Burris FF3 with the Tanner pmr30 mount is the way to go— may wait until the FF 4 shows up if I can hold out. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get this project finished!

Thanks again for your advice.


anytime my friend dont be a stranger…
I used the 3s with the ear’ed mounts on my KAK setups. I got a test Fastfire, a gen 1, that ive even shot perched on a 45/70, never had a dot bounce. tough lil sights.

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